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check out this dumb ass house mix i did as dj pizza at the cosmic sound pizza club

also mix club thread


Here’s my latest one.
All vinyl old school garage mix. Warming up for summer!

Andres - Jazz Dance
Kerri Chandler - Track 1 (Atmosphere EP)
Ten City - Whatever Makes You Happy (The Union Vocal)
Hackman - Hackman - Your Face Pulling My Hair
Gant - All Night Long
The Heartists - Belo Horizonti (Ramsey & Fen Remix)
Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
The Fabulous Baker Boys - Oh Boy (Ramsey & Fen Mix)
Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix)
Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go (Original)
Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People (Dem 2 Remix)
Ramsey & Fen - Kiss Me (Bump Vocal Mix)
New Horizons - Find The Path (Find The Dub)
The Dub Monsters - Waiting
Wookie - Scrappy
J Da Flex - Music Sounds Better…
Master Stepz - You Know How (New Mix)
Phaze One - Nicole’s Groove
JK and MJ - Get On Down
Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Trick Or Treat Feat. MC Tails Remix)
S-X - Woooo Riddim
Murlo - Cold Stroke
Footsie - Move To The Beat (feat. D Double E)


Mikael – Mellow Dub
Mala Vs Johnny Clarke – Sinners
V.I.V.E.K – Feel It
Goth-Trad – Seeker
Lost – The Plot
Lil Wayne – A Milli (Harmonimix Refix)
Kahn – Abattoir
The Bug – Ganja
LAS – Blood
Commodo & Lurka – Capisce
Gantz – Baby Face
Gantz – Elmo Rehab
Lost – Roxanne
Joker – Head Top
Skeptical – Echo Dub
Prism & Valor – Biodigital Jazz
Mala – Level 9
Ena – Drop
Goth-Trad – Itinerant Priest
Ishan Sound – Namkha (Kahn remix)
Perverse – La Palma


School event, I’m thinking of starting off with this:


It’s not good and goes downhill until it gets into a shitpit at the last 5 minutes.

Need feedback


that selection is offensive.


Eh… I’m required to play of mix of stuff I would like and what normal non-basshead kids would like. You got to ease them into it.


some Disco stuff I’ve recorded the other day.


doesn’t sound like anything a “basshead” would like. and not like anything “non-basshead kids” would like. not exactly easing in anyone either. why drum’n’bass? it’s tied for the least sexy genre about, and you really want the gyaldem moving at a school event. I’d go with some classy house tbh, maybe some ukg if you want to keep it “bassy”. but noisy jump-up dnb at a school event, I don’t know man.


Most djs at events either play house music(which kids find annoying) or top40… Most kids find robostep and non-skrillex dubstep to be repulsive… Now, many djs also play really generic edm tunes and I don’t want to fuck with that.

My plan is to play some dnb then go to trap and dubstep then repeat… Or if the event is really boring, I may start with some SOPHIE then do some trap.

If you have any recommendations for music let me know.


I’ve never played school events and other “mixed crowds” to be honest. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of gigs where most people weren’t into what I was booked for, this stuff happens, but never have I played in a room full of people who outright didn’t care about the music - which will be the case at your particular night, I suppose. As long as it isn’t offensive to the kids and has an easy enough rhythm, shit should be fly, no? I think @CreamLord once put together a house party set which basically builds on the same principles as school night, innit…

Obviously I’m not the best guy to help you out lol.


idk what robostep is but im guessing i also think its repulsive


I kinda struggle to imagine american kiddies going off to dnb tbh. But you know your school environment more than anyone here. Try and fit in some stuff that everybody knows and you’ll be off to a good start. You said trap, I don’t know much of it, but Drake’s last album was pretty traptastic, imo. Did heavy rounds at parties I was at last semester and people get pretty into it.
Like just have some tunes backed up for any moments where large portions of the audience look at you like "what the fuck is he playing at?"
As jrkhnds said, they don’t actually care about the music you want to rep, but that can work to your benefit. Try to keep them on their toes, but challenge them too.
I’d go with some commodo, he sits on that borderline trappy vibe but still makes some heavyweight halfstep shit, from there you could even work to delve deeply into some classics, or go trappy and wherever the heart takes you from there, flip back and forth. From there you can start to test their open mindedness, with safety tunes ready to go if you need, for the opening 10-20 (depends on how quickly you mix) and then start to focus in on whatever it is you want to show them, but still keep the safeties backed up.
I’ve seen people take requests in advance on facebook before and just see what they can fit into their sets.

I definitely wouldn’t open with dnb though. You really want to have them dancing before you try to “force” them to lol. Like, I would want to feel like the set had peaked before I started dropping dnb tunes tbh, the wrong crowd really will hate you for it lol


Did I?


Maybe it wasn’t you. might’ve been gatineau. Soz blod.

@dansci - what jesslem said… There’s a lot of good UK Funky around that’s appealing to broader crowds without getting too bait. Ill Blu - Bellion, Funkystepz - Fuller, DVA - Ganja, D.O.K. - West Coast VIP… and all the other good hyperdub shit. Start digging!
Btw. I played two sets in a café last saturday; it’s located in a small courtyard with a bunch of trees. Played some reggae & dancehall from 17:00-18:30 and then house (think Kerri Chandler, Palms Trax …) from 21:00-22:00… Stuff like that’s always working imho.


Grime & Dubstep mix I did for Brunswick Sound, mostly my own productions as well as a few other producers I’ve been feeling a lot

Particle - Fruit punch (Devils Mix)
Particle - Fruit punch
Jook - P_lse Mountain
Fill Spectre - Gotcha
Gewze - Ghosted
Aranha & Particle - Thunderball
Dizzee Rascal Vs. SX - I Luv Wooo (Particle’s “Pulse SX” Bootleg)
Aranha & Particle - Sublo
Aranha & Particle Vs. Merky Ace - Sublo Greaze
Aranha & Particle - Sublo (College Hill Remix)
Wiley - Morgue (Gewze Remix)
Particle Ft. Aranha - Virulence
Particle - Rites of Passage
Particle - Systematic
Inertia & Particle - Aztec
Aranha & Particle - Homeward


This is a big mix. Never even knew you made tunes, those are some sick one though!


thanks man, glad you’re digging it :smiley: yeah i’ve been making tunes on and off for about 4 or 5 years but not that frequently at all really, just whenever I get some spare time


I did a mix for Melbourne street wear label, Square Milk.

Square Milk is Eco conscious street wear. Country grown, Melbourne inspired!
Square Milk Facebook

The mix features some of my favorite tunes from the past few years from J.Sparrow, Headhunter, Digital Mystikz but also some fresh business from EshOne, Kahn, & J:KENZO to name a few. Full Tracklist below.

Jack Sparrow - Good Old Days
Headhunter - Royal Flush
Truth - Stay
Kahn - Over Deh So
Digital Mystikz -Lean Forward
VGB - Altair
EshOne - Scrap Night
Mungo’s HiFi ft Charlie P - Rules Of The Dance Kahn Remix
Kahn - Abattoir
J-Kenzo - Urban Gorilla ft Juiceman
Indiji - Darknet
Skeptical - Chain Reaction
Biome - Selassie
DJ Madd & TMSV - Difference [J:Kenzo Remix]
Syxx - Motion Potion
Matta - In Shadows
Sleeper & District - Kuduro
Benny Page - Take You Back
Distance - No Warning
Digital Mystikz - Haymaker
Commodo - Fuck Mountain
Kahn & Neek - Fierce
Trends & JLSXND7RS - The Undertaker Instramental ft Flirta D
Kahn & Neek - Percy
Kato - Spirit World
Flowdan - Ambush
Stormzy - Know Me From
Nocturnal Sunshine - Take Me There
Cashmere Cat & Ariana Grande - Adore (MssingNo Remix)
Levelz - LVL 07




mate of mine going full ninja


Oldish one from me.

Kowton – Countryman
Beneath – Illusion
Bias + Gurley – Roll (Blackdown’s A Debt Repaid Remix)
Dusk + Blackdown – Dasaflex
Dusk + Blackdown – Back 2 Go FWD>>
Beneath – Tribulation
LV + Josh Idehen – Melt
Moleskin – Burst
E.M.M.A – At Sea
Sully – It’s Your Love
Wen – Swingin’ (LDN Mix)
Dusk + Blackdown – High Road
Double Helix – LDN VIP
Dusk + Blackdown – Drenched (Facta Remix)
Dusk + Blackdown – Akkaboo
Wen – Play Your Corner
Dusk + Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
Dusk + Blackdown – The Bits ft. Trim
Logos – Atlanta 96
Geeneus – Knife and Gun (Blackdown Devil Mix)
Dusk + Blackdown – This is London (2011 Riots Remix)
Etch – Sphynx
Dusk + Blackdown – Mantis VI3
No Fixed Abode – Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition)
Dusk + Blackdown – Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl)
Dusk + Blackdown – Focus
LV + Josh Idehen – Imminent
Balistiq Beats – Concrete Jungle (Yardman Rhythm)
Skream – Angry World
Damu – Ridin’ the Hype ft. Trim
Starkey – Gutter Music