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George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair
Simon Grey - The Galactica Suite (Original Mix)
Jazztronik - Future Talk
Homecookin’ - Do What U Wanna
Trankilou - Bill Collector
Box Clever - Talk To Me
James Mason - Free
El Coco - Cocomotion
DJ Assassin - Face In The Crowd (Intellidread Mix)
Flava D & Miss Fire - Happy
Kenny Bobien - Rise Above The Storm (Vocal)
Prince - Strollin’ (Album Version)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Be Ever Wonderful

Back in full groovy mode, it’s been a while :fro:


george duke is so good


yh man, love his mixture of jazz fusion and p-funk… plus his brazilian influences of course!






was fucking around earlier but I think it came out pretty decent though

Digital Mystikz - Return 2 Space
Skream - Losing Control
Benga - Crunked Up
Commodo & Lurka - Gassin
Icicle - Minimal Dub
Cyrus - Soul Seeker
Mala - Maintain Thru Madness
Las - Uuha
Toasty - Dibble
Distance - Empire
Distance - Cyclops
Toasty - Angel
Vivek - Sqaure Off
Las & Mikael - Dem Break
Mala - Lean Forward
Benga - Electro Scratch
Benga - Middle Man
Impey- 4titude
Sir Spyro - Tekkers
Joker & Rustie - Tempered
Jack Sparrow - Afraid of Me
Headhunter - Stand Alone
Gatekeeper - Let Us In


Dubstep mix. Personal favourites - any feedback would be appreciated!

Sleeper - Ritual
District - Transmission
Biome - The Prayer
Razor Rekta - Taurus
J Sparrow - Afraid Of Me
Tunnidge - 7 Breaths
Razor Rekta - Development
Sleeper & District - The Risk
Biome - Redux
LX One - You VIP
Razor Rekta - Airborne
Razor Rekta - Kickstart


Just banged this out quickly but fairly pleased with it. More summery tunes (compared to my usual at least) and tried to let the tracks breathe a bit more than my usual mixing style


Chevel - Now And Them
Ploy - Footprints In Solid Rock
Aquarian Foundation - Dream Of The Red Chamber
PG Sounds and DJ Fett Burger - A1
MM/KM - Birds Flying In The Sun Like U Know How
Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and A Made Up Sound - A1
Iueke - Tape 5.1
General Ludd - Garimpos
DJ Sotofett - Tribute To Sore Fingers
Leskin - Monkey Track 2 (El Pingon RRR Remix)
Anthony Naples - I Don’t See Them
Physical Therapy - Pointilism
Bruce - Steals


Tracklist looks class as usual. Will give this a listen once I’m a civilian again.


Check out this dubstep mix I did when i was lit:) enjoy

Soundcloud link:

Listen to IWASHIGHSOIDROPPEDTHIS by Autopsy #np on #SoundCloud


doin @RKM’s promo for him

Jam City – Air
Maieli – It’s Over Bad (Florentino Remix)
Izzie Gibbs – OK
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nassau (TSVI Edit)
Goro – Nagina
First Circle – Neighbours
Yayoyanoh – Down
F1 – Untitled
First Circle – Let’s Go
Dizzee Rascal – Jezebel (Rahhh Edit)
First Circle – Sam
Soda Plains – Rodeo
Mechatok – Toke Dinamarca/Kablam – Dinablam
DJC – Capricorn (Lemonick Bootleg)
Mina – Ur Not Mine
Tory Lane Vs Destiny’s Child – Lose My Break 2K Love Blend
NKC – Ariana Edit
Eugy + Mr Eazi – Dance For Me
NKC – Inclusive
Ghost Boss – Bob’s Theme
Santa Muerte + King Doudou – Trembla
DJ Heroin – Sanguine
Gaika – Glad We Found It
Gage – Flash Pattern


(mine starts at 1 hour 14 minutes)


Here’s a dnb podcast i did for a series that’s mapping out slovak dnb scene


Mystic State - If I could
Rockwell - Full circle (Iyer VIP)
Johney - Torn
Burial - Prayer
Touchwood - Sisyphos
Overlook, Loxy & Resound - The lodge
Johney - Nihilation
Dubtrax & Local Heroes - Planety
Crypticz - 20 (ESM version)
Homemade Weapons - Mind Control
MTWN - Embers
Noisia - Tentacles (Ivy Lab remix)
Amit - Manic Mirror
Kutlo - Stone Age
Dom & Roland - Decker’s theme
Acid lab - Viper
Marcus Intalex - Electrocution
Musical Mob - Pulse X (Anna Morgan bootleg)
Chimpo - Suga Rush
Survival, Silent Witness, Cern - Tracer
Skeptical - Process of elimination
Rockwell - Reverse engineering

Download link


quick grime-ish mix, featuring some dubzzzz and tunes of mine


Hey hope this is the right place to post this - this is a mix of original material I made in about 2009/2010 - it’s all Burial-style ambient/garagey dubstep. Hope you like it!


yo ninjas.

promo mix i made for a night me and my mates are doing at Thekla in bristol next month.

Peverelist - Roll With The Punches [Punch Drunk]
Mssingno - 124th [Goon Club Allstars]
Epoch - Roacher [Unreleased]
Eva808 - Prrr [Innamind]
SX vs. Ramadanman - Woooo Glut [Butterz]
Boofy - Ledge [Unreleased]
Sorrow - Voynich (VIP) [Unreleased]
Kahn & Neek - Armed & Dangerous [Bandulu]
Lemzly Dale - Brute [Unreleased]
Jook - Pulse J VIP VIP [Unreleased]
Gemmy - DXNGA [Unreleased]
Timbaland vs. Dizzee Rascal - Stacks Technology (Jook Mashup) [Unreleased]
Letta - The Recluse [Coyote]
Lemzly Dale - Dilla 2 [Unreleased]


hope ya like :slight_smile:




big mix, is there a download?