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Batu - Domino Theory
Rhythmic Theory - Future Tense
DJ Spider & Marshallito - Nuclear Winter
Chevel - Basic Electricity
BWL - Coro Delle V3
Gramrcy - Bargain Jam (Hodge Remix)
Beau Wanzer - Beaches of Leeches
Fishermen - Serpents (Florian Kupfer Remix)
Randomer - Juju
General Ludd - Drum Circle
Errorsmith & Mark Fell - Cuica Digitales
Simo Cell - Cellar Door
Batu - Dekalb

Few ropey mixes but overall fairly happy with it


Looks decent, can you turn DLs on so I can put it on my phone? I’ll give it a listen tomorrow at work!


Done. Cheers for listening!


I just started a weekly show on the DRP radio out of SE QLD in Australia.

Here is my latest show. I had fun, good session, i hope you enjoy!


Wen - Play Your Corner ft Riko Dan [Walton Remix]
Mickey Pearce - Don’t Ask Don’t Get
Teeth - Anna Latautua
Kastle - Already Know
Ghost - 2000
Wen - Swingin’ [LDN mix]
Kryptic Minds - Can’t Sleep [Scuba Remix]
Zomby - Rumors & Revelations
Digital Mystikz - Walking With Jah
Ayslum - Bodyburn
Silkie - Time Delay
Wonder - What Have You Done Ft Kano
Zinc - 138 Trek
Roll Deep - Morgue
Zomby - Bloom
Wiley / Zomby - Step 2001
Faze Miyake - Firefly
Dizzee Rascal - Pagans Instrumental
Dirty Danger - Badman Ft Frisco, Roachee, & D Double E
Silkie - Swank
Thelem ft T Man - We Ain’t The Same
Commodo, Kahn, Gantz - Crystal Collect
Goth Trad - Two Faced
Core - Civil War Ft Jamakabi
Matt U - Staightened Up
Kode 9 - Portal

Lock into my show at 7-8pm QLD time every Thursday.

Keep it locked to DRP here - www.mixlr.com/decentralised-radio-project

like there page here https://www.facebook.com/decentralisedradioproject/?fref=ts


got the opportunity to do a dubstep mix for one of my favorite crews in Paris, Bass Paradize. really happy to have been able to do this one :smile:

  1. TRG - Decisions [Tempa, 2008]
  2. Horsepower Productions - Marseilles Connection [Tempa, 2004]
  3. MarkOne - Too Hard [Rephlex, 2004]
  4. Nomine - Closed Doors [AMAR, 2015]
  5. Cluekid & LD - The Intro [Ringo, 2010]
  6. Facta - 36th Chamber [Soundman Chronicles, 2014]
  7. DLVRY - Guilt [Keysound, 2014]
  8. LHF & The Ragga Twins - 2000 Dust [Keysound, 2015]
  9. Alight - Darqa [Local Action, 2013]
  10. 207 - Rolling Bars [Biscuit Factory, 2015]
  11. Dubtek - Kuiper Belt [Uprise Audio, 2013]
  12. Eshone - Scrap Night [Artikal, 2015]
  13. Helixir - Ride The Wind [7even, 2010]
  14. Taiko - Nooka [Subaltern, 2014]
  15. Kaiju - Justice [Deep Medi, 2015]
  16. Causa - Invasion Dub [Fat Kid On Fire, 2015]
  17. Pangaea - Bear Witness [Hotflush, 2009]
  18. Sub Basics - Vapour [Visceral Vibrations, 2015]
  19. Sharp Veins - 2 Bad So Sad [Glacial Sound, 2015]
  20. Murlo - Broken Arrow [Keysound, 2014]


I did a warm up mix for Friday, pretty happy with it. Few dubs from the Ninjas in here, tried to get more in but my PC was dying.

Big up everyone who’s sent me music :heart:


Epoch - Attraction Dub [IMX001]
Quest - Overcome [IMRV012]
Killawatt & Ipman ‎– Darkplace [TEMPA079]
Hirzu vs Aranha & Particle - Seeker [dub]
Lyeform - Mass [dub]
Ishan Sound - Namkha [TEC077]
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Version) [KART012]
Goth-Trad ‎– Sinker [MEDI 89]
Phrex & Orson - Miss Collin [dub]
Skeptical - Echo Dub [TEMPA092]
Headhunter - Stand Alone [TRSK001]


that phrex & orson dub 8)


This thread made me remember this mix from January, wanted to re-record it because of some slipups and fact that some of the tunes were not really finished, but forgot about it.

It’s Jungle/breakbeat oriented dnb



Paradox - A certain sound remix :::: [Renegade Hardware]
Johney - Tidal Wave :::: [Label A]
Origin Unknown - Valley of the shadows :::: [RAM records]
Breakage - Drowning :::: [Planet Mu]
Digital - Gateman :::: [Function records]
DJ Krust - Warhead :::: [V Recordings]
Fusion Forum - Vintage Keys (The Art) :::: [Reinforced]
Dillinja - Angels fell :::: [Metalheadz]
Emalkay - Explicit (Somejerk Bootleg) :::: [Dub]
Breakage - 4 me :::: [Critical]
Johney - Threshold :::: [Dub]
Dom & Roland - Can’t punish me :::: [Moving Shadow]
Gremlinz & Ahmad - The Orchid :::: [Paradox music]
Fracture - Bad Habit :::: [Astrophonica]
Asylum - Bass II Dark (Somejerk version) :::: [Dub]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Rukas :::: [Frontline]
Johney - Untitled :::: [Dub]
Dom & Roland - Freeze :::: [Dom & Roland productions]
Breakage ft. Lohan - Ruff Dub :::: [Bassbin]


working my way through these, digging it shnobs, cool tunes

really liked the first mix ultra am now on the second- that surgeon into dva blend was sooo good, like building tension right, i had no idea there was a dva remix of poison dart


Can’t go to Converge tonight as I’m working all weekend… had a day off today though so did a mix while sobbing. Ends abruptly cause I fucked up fading it out and the 2nd drop came in so just chopped it off lol.

Silk Road Assassins - Shaded
Iglew - Sleep Lighter VIP
Underclass - Rinse Compressor
Kuedo - Mtzpn
Commodo - Wish
Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer
LAS - Pocosink (Commodo Remix)
JT The Goon - Twin Warriors (Murlo Remix)
Jook - Slow Down
Loefah - Bombay Squad
Goth-Trad - Sinker
Loefah - Fire Elements
Foamplate - Cargo
Goth-Trad - Sunbeam VIP
Sepia - Harp Song
Mic Ty - Knewham (Iglew Devil)
Iglew x Skepta - Bad Myth (Oneman Edit)

Tried to play some tunes by those on the lineup and clean forgot about Ipman, listened to his album earlier as well and wanted to include Gravity Dub… Oh well.

Converge - Official DSF Party - 2014 > Present

Aaron Carl - Crucified (XDB Rainforest Mix)
Batu - Cazz
December - In Advance Of The Broken Arm
Beneath - Golden Age
Divided - Mile End
Alex Coulton - Bounce (Pev Version)
Laksa - Draw For The…
Bandshell - Rise Em
Iueke - Tape 5.1
Dramatis Personae - Blasphemie
Kowton - T 03
DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa - Second Bass
Japan Blues - Stoned Bird
Midland & Pariah - Untitled 2
A Made Up Sound - Syrinx
L.SAE - Line Sunk Like I’m Sunk
WV - Get Lost
Kowton - On Repeat

Again not flawless, just a first-taker I threw together after getting a big reserve order shipped. The Dramatis Personae and DJ Spider ones are only bout £3 each on redeye atm if you’re feelin them


betraying myself with the virtual dj siren, a radio show with a few Ninja dubs

bits from phigure, harkat, jesslem, 0h85, lye form, syrup, kai li, nowaysj, electric head & doonedave




I mixed a podcast for our upcoming event with DBR UK, 170 flex

download: http://dnbshare.com/download/Resoulution_DBR_podcast.mp3.html



DJ T-Rell - Beautiful
EQ Why - 22 Keys
Raumskaya - Keep Movin
DJ Mastercard - In the Dark
DJ Paypal - With Uuuuuu feat. Feloneezy & Jackie Dagger
DJ Mastercard - All I Do feat. DJ Orange Julius
SwimWear & Johnathan Thomas - Caipora
Violet Systems - KUKOC 16
DJ Kipah - Ass & Titties
Wormfinger - Fl00t
DJ Clent - Gone Off Acid
Mister Ries - Sugar (Kill Frenzy Mix)
Gunjack - Wanna Rock
Girl’s Day - 헬로버블 (m.traz edit)
D-M-Y - Propaganda
Violet Systems & Traxman - 1974
Dispondant - Headz Will Roll
The Heights - Pressure VIP
DJ Clent - Mikeshake
DJ Acey - Then It’s Bow
Samurai Breaks - Get the Strap
DJ T-Rell & DJ C-Bit - Whippin Up (In the Studio)



drunk off the cuff cdj mix from tonight, had a lot of fun with this one, allow some sketchiness


music from
-Luca Lozano
-Lit Internet
-Ynfynyt Scroll
-Corporal F
-Demdike Stare
-Model 500


fucking weird shit i like tbh:



@Lye_Form some good stuff in there,any tracklist available?

happy with how this one came out, mostly 2015 stuff, with a few older bits thrown in for good measure

Commodo Gantz Kahn - AMK
Loefah - Mud VIP
AxH - Numbskull
Alter Echo & E3 - Warning Dub
VIVEK - Slippin’
Commodo - Buckwild (Gantz Remix)
Killawatt & Ipman - Single Entity
Goth-Trad - Sinker
Egoless - Dub Liberation
Karma - Rumblefish
Mala - Da Wrath (Souljahz VIP Mix)
Quest - Overcome
Foamplate - 7.5
Commodo - F_ck Mountain
Vex’d - Gunman
Hawerchuk - Mr Leotardo
Jack Sparrow - Where Am I
Las - Tic
Kahn - Abattoir
Kaiju - Creeper
Hi5Ghost - Nook Shot (Commodo Remix)
Ago - That’s What I Was Talking About Back In '96
Omen - Frontline
Ishan Sound - Namkha
Zomby - Liquid Dancehall
Pampidoo - Synthesizer Voice (Goth-Trad Dub Mix)


looking at the tracklist, looks big, big up putting liquid dancehall in there, underrated banga imo. Gonna listen to this tomo for sure.