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Last nights show

Jay1 - Your Mrs

Somah - Halsenna

Naviglas - Okolitsa

Nomine & Youngsta - Chasm ft. Zemeen-A

Substance - Scorching Sun

Blunt Aus Nord - Eclectic Witch

Somah - Xd1a

Conzi - Sway


Tik & Borrow - Disintergrate

Sleeper - Slippin’ in Greggs

Ekula - The Owl Song

Keleketla! - Papua Merdeka (Machinedrum remix)

W&Z - Traveller VIP

Frost - Same Old

Youngsta & Seven - Masai Mara

Johnney - Spacewalk Dub V3

De-Tu - Mojigao

Rumble - Alicia

Sleeper - Camel Blues

Commodo - Widebody

Hannibal Rex - Kistch Is In


If you prefer

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One of the sub fm crew couldn’t make it for their slot yesterday so I volunteered to cover, my next scheduled show is next thursday 1st june 2pm

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congrats mate

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Cool man, gonna check it out.

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Some fun clubby stuff mostly, to mark the start of summer. Some 140 bits and favs, but also bassline, garage, and breaks.

Did an impromptu b2b for a mates event a few weeks back that got recorded (first 10ish mins were missed off unfortunately)


Another mix from me :corntard: leftfield dubstep & adjacent 140 stuff


Some funky 140 sounds rolled into a few Grime bits for the first hour followed by a mix of Dubstep old and new, including some forth coming Cessman sounds


Debut set for Subtle Radio! For my first set for the station, I aimed at playing out some high energy tracks and personal favorites. A good amount of dubstep, but also some breaks, garage, bassline, and a lot of fun clubby bits.

Lorn - Timesink
Jacques Greene - Relay (Skee Mask Remix)
Toby Fox - Core
robokid X n0ms - #4bae (curl up remix)
Daffy - 4Ever
Pugilist - Deja Vu
Last Japan ft. Killa P - Exhale (Sully Remix)
Opus - Sneaky
Superior Cornrows - Mr. T Riddim
Ternion Sound - Parasite VIP
Distinkt - Birdy Dub
Killjoy - Let’s Go
Rygby - Mannulus
Tom E. Vercetti & Chemist - Manta Ray
Monty & Visages - Hardware ft. PAV4N & Strategy
smith. x Ternion Sound - Smoke Shadow
Ebb - 5 Skin
Josi Devil - Horn Switch
G Jones & Eprom - R​​​.​​​A​​​.​​​V​​​.​​​E.
Deadboy & Murlo - Ride With U
Eyesz - Bonus Fruit
Parkinson White - Red Iron Winblade (Glacci Remix)
Dark0 & Fayt - Augment
Doss - Puppy
Arkist - Fill Your Coffee

would’ve posted about this sooner but i’ve been out of the country. once again, thanks to @CuttsStudio for posting his mixes here, would’ve not known about applying for a show on Subtle without him. currently working on a residency, so keep an eye out for more shows in the future.


Nice mix, listened to it a few days ago. Can hear the progress in your mixing skills!


Congrats man. Will check this out tomorrow.

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New mix for my local collective that I’m a resident for who put on events in Brighton, and have recently started a mix series.

This one is full of hard/techno/trance, but yep I have mixed in a dubstep track :wink:

tracklist included
live again the coming sunday at 3pm on some cover show business

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Drum & Bass, Jungle, Footwork this month for a change

Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix)

Loxy & Overlook - The Harbinger The Untouchables - Time Traveller

Mista Shifta - Dub Attack

Coco Bryce - Hold The Line

Clearlight & Owl - Lobe

Roho - Totemz VIP

The Untouchables - Audacity

Pugilist & Tamen - Samadhi

Jack Sparrow - Relapse

ASC & Aural Imbalance - Ascension

Subjects - Late Coffee

Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Aquatics

Charly Says - Good In My Soul

Taso - Fire

Taso - #teklife

Taso x D] Boylan × DJ Manny × DJ Chap - Tired

Taso × DJ Rashad × DJ Manny - I Got

Taso - Acid

Sinistarr - Detroit

Taso x Cesrv × Luri Branco × King Foxxx - U Know That


don’t mean to spam, I don’t normally have shows so close together lol
yesterday’s session was me covering another DJ
tracklist in the info

two recent sets to suit your dubstepping needs, had been mashing it with a lot of dubs in recent shows gone by so these 2 sets some love to released works both old and new
I’ve got a one-off mix (highlighting said dubs and some special releases) on subtle radio airing 20th july, its at silly o’clock (2am) but they seem pretty quick on archive uploads, back live on sub fm on the 27th 2pm :bluethumb:


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next episode on Subtle Radio - steppers of all kind with a few grime bits thrown in. Tracklist in the description.


Just listened to your subtle show. Was a cracking mix. What’s the track at 19 mins?

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Ignore that. Forgot the guys are putting the track list in the descriptions now. Game changer

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