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Last nights show

Jay1 - Your Mrs

Somah - Halsenna

Naviglas - Okolitsa

Nomine & Youngsta - Chasm ft. Zemeen-A

Substance - Scorching Sun

Blunt Aus Nord - Eclectic Witch

Somah - Xd1a

Conzi - Sway


Tik & Borrow - Disintergrate

Sleeper - Slippin’ in Greggs

Ekula - The Owl Song

Keleketla! - Papua Merdeka (Machinedrum remix)

W&Z - Traveller VIP

Frost - Same Old

Youngsta & Seven - Masai Mara

Johnney - Spacewalk Dub V3

De-Tu - Mojigao

Rumble - Alicia

Sleeper - Camel Blues

Commodo - Widebody

Hannibal Rex - Kistch Is In


If you prefer

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One of the sub fm crew couldn’t make it for their slot yesterday so I volunteered to cover, my next scheduled show is next thursday 1st june 2pm

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congrats mate

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Cool man, gonna check it out.

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Some fun clubby stuff mostly, to mark the start of summer. Some 140 bits and favs, but also bassline, garage, and breaks.

Did an impromptu b2b for a mates event a few weeks back that got recorded (first 10ish mins were missed off unfortunately)