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Sort us a download :wink:
Need something for the walk to work in the morno

New lil mix from ya boy


State OFFF - Supernova Ft. SpacePose
King Lee - Stolen Goods
Forest Drive West - Time
Space Network - A 2_2 (S.O.L Main Mix)
State OFFF - Pretty Flacko Was Feelin’ You
K-Lone - Timbale
Jamie xx - Kill Dem
K-Lone - Clapper
Primal Code - A-Breeze
Rosalia - Di Mi Nombre (Rednote Edit)
Surusinghe - Bop
Boofy - 2 Late 2 Bake
Rosalia - Malamente (Rednote Edit)
K-Lone - Drumz (Leod Edit)
William Arist - Jingo (Dont Worry)
Primal Code - Infected Biome
Saraphim - Dont Play Dumb
1point5 - Defunct
Living-Stone - Run
Alarico - Shook Ones
James Blake - Order
Albert Zhirnov - Wooden Lessons
Manni Dee x River Moon - Hot


Yesterday’s Operator Radio mix

  1. Kahn & Neek - Missed Calls
  2. Shackleton - Hamas Rule
  3. Small Crab - Snake Bite
  4. Strict Face - Casual Contact
  5. Beatrice M. & Trois-Quarts Taxi System - French Lessons
  6. Sub Basics - E443
  7. Unknown Mobile - Toll Booth
  8. SP:MC - Full Circle (ft. Youngsta)
  9. V.I.V.E.K - U DUB
  10. Mosca - The Twins
  11. Loefah - King Money
  12. Quasar - Reminiscence Dub
  13. Ila Brugal - Airstrike
  14. Mob killa - Misericorde
  15. Kromestar - Instigator
  16. Cartridge - Nemesis
  17. HIJINX - Beta
  18. Indent - Component
  19. Axle - Assault
  20. Mokotron - TAWHITO (Caru Remix)
  21. Nattah - False Trail
  22. Tymotica - Wrkt48
  23. Pr​ů​van - Dumpster Fire
  24. Laksa - Enjoyment
  25. Walton - Void
  26. Tymotica - Sleep Mechanism
  27. Om Unit - Snagged
  28. Goth-Trad - Mirage
  29. Kahn - Over Deh So
  30. Digital Mystikz - Thief In Da Night
  31. Atrice - Backrooms

Supremely hyped to have been asked to record something for NLDC, this is filled with unreleased and forthcoming bits from names you’ll know and some you may not. I hope you enjoy!


New mix of EBM, dark disco, industrial, italo, electro and techno for German podcast and event series Blank Wave.

Ron Morelli - Disco Gridlock
Curses - Get Lost
Candido - Shot The Rim
Ortrotasce - Y?
Randolph & Mortimer - Dream Hack feat. Neu-Romancer
Soft Crash feat. Ready In LED - Free Yourself (Extended Mix)
DJ Haus - When U Look At
Facets - Reveal Yourself
The Hacker - Me And My Sequencer (Pt. 2)
Survival Paradox - Natmaskinen
KRSSV - Reyerta (Rudiment Remix)
Termination_800 - Reveal Yourself
Notausgang - The Empty Figure
David J Bull - The Energy
Larionov - Flying High
Hysteric - Get Down On Love
Ghost Cop - You Can Never Go Home
AXGGAA - Human Remains
JK Flesh - PI11.2 (Ancient Methods Remix)

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After I stopped doing radio at the start of last year I planned on uploading some of my favourite shows to SC but forgot about it after uploading one. So finally getting round to (slowly) getting these online. This one is the final show I did and possibly the one I’m most proud of; dark & freaky dubstep/140 selekkys throughout. Don’t have the TL saved anymore so lemme know if IDs are needed


45:30 whats that song i used too listen too it all the time its by skream right?

Matt-U - Watchin U

Very much sounds like something you could hear on a skream mix though so I can see where you’re coming from


ah yes i forgot about matt u thank u

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recording from a party 2yrs back i forgot to publish

Babe Roots - Bless dub
Rich - Dubhouse
Kahn - Dread
Moscow Legend - Krush (East man rmx)
Grooki - Tortoise
Mr. E - Space Invader
WZ - Bulletproof
Ramadanman - Tempest
Johney - Summer’s over
Matty G - West coast rocks (Rich bootleg)
DJ Madd - Move ya body
Laksa - Belly brocka
Loefah - Midnight
Johney - Grape brick
Metafloor - Meat head
Ipman - Sensory Deprivation
Boofy - Blank Canvas
The Bug, Flowdan, Killa P - Skeng (Danny Scrilla Bootleg)
Johney - Hidden
Takjacob - A-Migos
Skream - Make Me
Coki - Goblin (Johney bootleg)
Leftlow - Underhand
Kromestar - Straight error
Lemzly Dale - Ryujin
Benga - Man on a mission
Tempa T - Next hype
Causa - Zoo chamber
RUF - Wolkenkratzer
Chase & Status - Wise up
Sir Spyro - Topper Top (Johney bootleg x B.O.B. Acapella)


Rinsed your Live @ Singal FM mix on the walk to work. Tune selection and mixing is :muscle:

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Nice TL :gunfinger:

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appreciate it m8

Is there a TL? There’s a couple t7nes I want to investigate further.

I’ll send you the timestamps later if not

TL should be in the description on SC if you’re talking about that dnb mix :slight_smile:

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Nice on pal

2hrs of italo disco and synth recorded live at Portuguese radio station Lusophonica


Kahter - Tell Me
Da Fresh & Athie ft DJ Jeje - Bang
Bleep Tzt - Yes, Ok?
Kahter & Yilan - Rugs
Instra: mental - Hanger
Arkham Sound - Apocalypse Rave
Bukkha & DPRTNDRP - The Time Is Now
Wraz & Mat The Alien - After Hours
Merricat Black - Tricky Bizzness VIP
11th Hour - Breathe
Ago - Riverwind
Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick
Sub Basics - E443
Ago - Eight Times Eight
Sub Basics - Internet Explorer
Cartridge - Altitude
Joy Orbison - flight fm
Sub Basics - Lucid ft Traces
Sub Basics - T441
Youngsta & Seven - Masai Mara
Cyrus - Soul Seeker

Doing a Black Box/ Box Clever vinyl special next month


Sick! Will keep an eye out for that