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Will listen later. List looks huge; I highly rate Dorisburg (good DJ, too, as are most of the Aniara lads) and IVVVO’s a don. His record for Aïsha Devi’s Danse Noire was a highlight.


cheers man, yeah that Danse Noire record has been in all my sets lately haha


Mix for /r/realdubstep’s Mix of the Month.

Truth vs. Stylust Beats - Chicks & Drugs
BadKlaat - Devoid
VIVEK - Soundman
Youngsta & Distance - Untitled
Megalodon & Truth - Monkey Wrench
Alex Clare - Too Close (Distance Remix)
J:Kenzo - The Roteks
Culprate - Grime Frog
Seven - Live From The Future
Compa - Sentence
Chad Dubz - Drained
Kelly Dean & Matt Deco - Concrete Landscape (Leon Switch Remix)
Proxima - Thermal Vision
Fallen 45 - Illusions
Skream - Exothermic Reaction
Egoless - Bubble Beat
Mark The Beast & Snakefoot - Swamp Thing
TMSV & June Miller - Ghost Ship
Truth - Questions
Squarewave - Krypton (Arkwright Remix)
J:Kenzo - Invaderz
Jack Sparrow - I And I
Armour - The Long Way
Sleeper - Crushin
J:Kenzo - Ruffhouse


First Mix!



Kryptic Minds - Hybrid (Osiris Music)
Versa - The Road To Righteousness (V.I.V.E.K Remix ft. Dego Ranking) (System Music)
Diem - Sitar Dub (Immerse Music)
23Hz & Numaestro ‎– Praise Dub (Iberian Records)
Egoless - Bubble Beat (Scotch Bonnet)
Shabba Ranks - Give Dem (Sub Basics remix) (The Most High)
Lyeform - Stigma (TMSV’s Rusty 3 Star Remix) (Mo:zaïek Music)
Macker - Untitled (Macker)
Gantz - Second Nature (System Music)
Foamplate - Tabula (Plantpower)
Karma - Smear Dub (System Music)
Mikael - Wildfire (Innamind Recordings)
Skream - Pass The Red Stripe (Soul Jazz Recordings)
Las - Gunfam (Innamind Recordings)
Foamplate - Lionize (VI.V.E.K remix) (System Music)


if you just want some nice background music for when you feel like starting a cult:

Suzanne Ciani - Lixiviation
Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois - Under Stars II
Ital Tek - Redeemer
Vangelis - Rachel’s Song
Ärsenik - Interlude
Spokes - Tragedy In The Jasmine Garden
Overmono - Programmer
iskeletor ft. Gantz - Phix
Sd Laika - Gutter Vibrations
Yearning Kru - Multipass
Oneohtrix Point Never - I Bite Through It
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (Part III)
John Beltran - Heavy Weather
Roly Porter - Known Space
O$VMV$M - Sad Grime
Loom - Ultraviolet Love Scene
Old Apparatus - Untitled
Venetian Snares - Your Blanket
Quirke - Acid Beth
Aphex Twin - Lichen


Ok i’ll admit I arranged this mix in FL. But the drop into Spry Sinister is sooo good. 8:00 min


AxH - Gemtone
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Jack Sparrow - Afraid Of Me
Rygby - Innabocks
Gantz - Spry Sinister
LAS - Pirates


this is great man, few tunes on here I might have to hunt down myself and I haven’t bought much dubstep in a long time. my only nag is that I feel like the Gantz tune should have come earlier because it started to idle a little too much in the middle section.


yo big up for the support! yeah I know what you mean…hate those idle, atmospheric pauses inna lot of dubtep tunes haha



My guestmix special for originators crew from Belarus “Bassota”

1.LAS & Gantz - Firepusher [SYSTEM]
2.Karma - Meanings [Back To Chill]
3.Mikael - Wada [Innamind]
4.Sub Basics - Khora [Tuba]
5.Tunnidge - Wardrum [Chestplate]
6.Ill K - Warrior [Paradise Lost]
7.Quest - Visitors [Deep Medi]
8.J:Kenzo - Bloodlines [Tempa]
9.V.I.V.E.K - The Big Bang [Deep Medi]
10.Perverse - Subcontinent [Artikal]
11.Lost - Stompa [Get Darker]
12.Loefah feat. Sgt Pokes - Mud (VIP) [Planet Mu]
13.Matty G - Jam Like a Tek [Free]
14.Ishan Sound - Namkha (Kahn Remix) [Tectonic]
15.Gantz & El Mahdy Jr - Rising [Deep Medi]
16.Sleeper - Stronghold [Chestplate]
17.VGB - Phase (Dubbacle Remix) [Indigo Movement]
18.Kahn - Dread (Gorgon Sound Version) [Deep Medi]
19.Karma - Smear Dub [SYSTEM]
20.Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Charlie P - Rules of the Dance (Kahn Remix) [Scrub A Dub]
21.Kahn - Tehran [Punch Drunk]
22.Subtle Mind - Untitled [Lutetia Dubz]
23.Kahn - Late Night Blues [Deep Medi]
24.LAS - Uuha [Innamind]



Guestmix for Katya Shutnizza’s show on Sub.FM

Full show here:

Karma: How Ya Feel
Eva808: Belong
Hatti Vatti & Cian Finn: Education
Kahn: Late Night Blues
Mikael: Drain
LAS: Blood
Bisweed: Ghosts VIP
Gantz: Second Nature
Tes La Rok: Them
LAS: Mental Judgement
The Illuminated: De_dust
Dubkasm: Hail Jah (Jakes Remix)
LAS: Malfunktions
Kahn: Dread
Dubkasm: More Jah Songs (RSD Remix)
Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn: 9 Years
The Illuminated: Vintage
Compa: One Lion
LAS & Gantz: Firepusher
Mikael: Mellodub



first mix i recorded in a long time!


fun stuff man, nice work




First proper mix I’ve done under my Kutkh Jackdaw alias, would be great to get some feedback y’all.

(Techno / EBM / Industrial / Electro / Post-Punk / Synthwave / New Wave / Synth-pop / Experimental / House / Soundtrack)


I put together a mix of dub/reggae influenced dubstep.


  1. Amit - Spring Cuttah

  2. Kahn - Over Deh So (Sovereign Bootleg)

  3. Kahn - Dread (Gorgon Sound Version)

  4. Caspa & Rusko - Brixton Blow Out (Rubber Dub)

  5. Rod Azlan - Selektah! (Produced by The Others)

  6. Rusko - Massive

  7. J:Kenzo - Zbantu Shake

  8. Mad Professor - Santero Dub

  9. Gantz - Pseudooo (Sovereign Bootleg)

  10. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry vs. Digital Mystikz - Like The Way You Should (Mala Remix)

  11. Akcept - Peace Pipe

  12. King Yoof - Barter Town (feat. Raggs)

  13. Glume - System Dub

  14. Kaiju - Burn Down Babylon

  15. C-Side - Early Days Dub (Cessman Remix)

  16. Squarewave - Way Of Life (Sukh Knight Remix)

  17. Mala - Looney

  18. Dubkasm - Victory (Mala Remix)

  19. Dubateers & Tenna Star - Blazing Fire (Jack Sparrow Remix)

  20. Egoless - Acid Dub

  21. Rusko - SNES Dub

  22. Killawatt - Killa Inna Jungle

  23. Caspa - War Drum (feat. $pyda) (King Yoof Remix)

  24. Egoless - Super Echo

  25. Coki - Rocky Roads


DJ Sinclair - Ricky (Keysound)
DJ Sinclair - Gunman What (Keysound)
Youngstar - Bongo (Kahn & Neek Remix) (White Peach)
The Bug - Ice Man (Feat. Riko Dan) (Ninja Tune)
Jook - Tokyo Drift (Reloadz)
Capo Lee - Mud (Feat D Double E) (Rinse)
Slackk - Skivers (Boxed)
Sir sypro - Side By Side Vocal (Dragon Punch)
Commodo - S Is For Snake (unreleased)
Roll Deep - Mougre
Plastician - GooseBumps (Dump Valve)
Jamakabi - Hot it up (Kahn & Neek Remix) (Bandulu)
Kahn & Neek - Acting The Goat (Unreleased)
Sir Sypro - Topper Top (Kahn & Neek Remix) (Deep Medi Musik)
Dullah Beatz -Bally’s On (Oil Gang)
Grim Sickers- Kane
Silkie - Computer Sound(Deep Medi Musik)
Wiley - Bird Tune (Teeza Bootleg) (Dubplate)


recording from yesterday’s SubFm show. First 45 minutes is a guest mix from Tetrad, the rest is me.


just been listening, can’t help but think of house for the first tune ha. its real good tho


More dubstep if you’re into that (don’t watch them manhatten blues and sunbeam mixes, jah still loves me)

Skream - Morning Blues
Las - This Morning
Cyrus - Manhatten Blues
Vivek - One Heart (ft. Dego Ranking)
Distance - Roots
Coki - Warlord Riddim
Lx One & SP:MC - Judgement
Icicle - Xylophobia
Ago - So Mi Seh
Scuba - Timba
Goth Trad - Sunbeam VIP
Cyrus - Rasta From
Skream & Loefah - 28 Grams
Distance - Dark Crystal
Shackleton - I Want To Eat You