DSF Movement 2017 Meet Up Anyone?

Was curious if any other ninjas were attending Movement 2017 in Detroit this year? I’ll be there Saturday-Tuesday. Doing the festival Saturday only, then going to all side parties (Dom and Roland/Metalheadz and Loefah at another show, DJ Godfather loft party etc).

Would be cool to do a meet up to smoke a spliff or have a beer with an ninjas attending…

When is it?

Shit man you gotta post this earlier didn’t know about this

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DEMF is this weekend. Saturday-Monday.

I know I shoulda posted sooner, but it was kind of a last minute decision to go at all for me. I’d still be up for an impromptu meet-up. I’ll be in a suite across from the venue, so plenty of room to share a spliff and some drinks if anyone likes.

I just assumed Movement/DEMF was big enough people from the forum would be going even tho its Techno oriented ;p Its a big deal in the US…or at least regionally in the midwest of the USA.

I came here to post: “Don’t make me do all the drugs by myself” that still stands. Common bitches…you gonna go to some lame bbq to eat overcooked meat and drink piss beer or cum dance to some TEKNO?

Well if anyone ends up there, I’ll be the schwasted asshole with the long, curly red faux-hawk and hippie clothes. Peace.

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Can you send surplus drugs thisaway frags
cos im 300k from nearest international airport.
Have a great time mate!

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Haha thanks man. I’ll send you a take away bag with some party favors : )


Couldn’t go this year… next year fo sho :twothumbsup:

Fucking amazing. Go to see Dom and Roland and Loefah in separate, but awesome intimate settings. Maybe not a big deal for a lot of you, but a rare opportunity for me. Also the surprise awesome set of the trip was Hops (Hardwax) at El Club before Loefah. Amazing.

Oh yea. And Ritchie Hawtin was alright. ;p


Orson & Hops are tied for most underappreciated DJs of the scene. These lads still spin circles around the competition’s heads. Glad you enjoyed his selection; he diggs deep indeed.


Yea dude. Simply amazed. I’ll have a listen to Orson as well now. Defo feel like I made the right move going to all the “fringe” parties surrounding Movement this year instead of focusing on the festival proper.

Orson’s boiler room is so good. He’s got quite a few tasty dubs. :gunfinger:

Richie Hawtin :gunfinger:

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