Dsf roulette 2 (ends 10/25)

Here we go boys and girls. Round two of the roulette competition.
Same rules as last time. Must use at least one sample and you are allowed to make your own sounds.

Here’s the pack

Have fun everyone

@_ronzlo @knobgoblin @Jizz @cyclopian @Samuel_L_Damnson
Feel like I’m forgetting someone



Hmm gonna chek the samples and hope they arent as their name suggests - crap haha

Great pack.

Any lurkers or new producers that’ve been on the fence about jumping in on one of these - this would be perfect for you. :bluethumb:

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Knew I was forgetting someone


Bumping this and changing title. It’s a good pack and would be sad to see it go to little use

what’s this?

Make a tune. No limits really but it’s a fucking great pack - no mucking around tryna make a snare from bandpassed white noise lol.


I always loved spending 30 minutes to try and make a sample pop in a recording so I could spend another 30 minutes turning it into a kick (although they were damn good kicks)

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ill try to do a quick ting for entry rn, dl’ing the pack now

edit: submitted, fun samplez


Deffo down for this

100bpm is it?

Nah, any bpm ye like.

Cool. Mine’s reeeeally slow. First tune I’ve ever made. Not really sure what I’m doing haha!


We all start somewhere :slight_smile:

Well I’m starting in Audacity.
I can’t afford any software so I’m editing waveforms haha


Burial style, respect

Yeah I guess so!! It’s proper hard!

try reaper, the demo version is not crippled and if you like it the license is cheap af