DSF Roulette! 🎲


We need someone to break the tie lol


I broke it even more.


B is sick


So, we doing a three track shootout, or is it now sudden death?




Three tunes enter, one tune leaves


voting will remain open till my tune wins.


Remember where you are - this is Tune-derdome, and death is listening, and will take the first man that screams.


Resisting obvs Master Blaster joke


can i be Tina Turner?


I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Tuna Tuner


Alright well I guess the winners are my tune with For, @cyclopian with C, and @knobgoblin with E


We should do a 10 second long tuna tie-breaker

edit: actually lets just move on and start up a new comp, maybe @knobgoblin and I could just send a few samples/stemmy bits to you to add in with the next sample pack?


Other option is we get Andy into here for a tie breaker vote

What should we do for the next competition?


I like this format… maybe some copyleft/open copy source tracks? I have some drumline rehearsal and performance rips that would definitely make some fierce sounds…


my name is Andy :badteeth:


Yeah I like it. I feel like there’s not much need for the constraints we were using before anymore



And I’m gonna try to talk/post less when this shit is on. Nuff said. Respect to the creators alone.:pray:


Ill send a few tings to you to put in the next pack :slight_smile:

I was just digging through my various folders to find stuff for this and started up a dancehall track instead. I got some good shit haha


How about a pool of us each submits an uncopyrighted track for a collective pool? :upside_down_face: