DSF Roulette! 🎲


yo im down for that. a dude who’s owes me £30, pretty much own the rights his sng then haha

its been over a year now and i stopped giving a fuck after the 10th time he promised me it back and ive also stopped showing up at his gigs hahha


Who’s was what entry wise?


me a, cyclopian c, knobgoblin e and tolsof f

which was yours dude?


B was mine


Everyones entries were great


b was sick!


I was D :duncelol: nice one on the tie though, can’t wait to hear these


What fx chain did you run yrs through?


I’m only just getting to grips with reaper so it’s a bit chaotic. I rerecorded stuff I’d sent from the digitakt and back a bunch of times, so some parts are a recording of what came straight of it and other parts are bits I’ve recorded out and cut up in reaper. I never got round to doing sends. I was mostly automating the effects on the timeline as I used to with ableton and on my master was a limiter, surround ting and eq dynamic processor.

Could do with organising it better, my projects looked like this before resampling back to the digitakt

And the finished piece was this

Chaos hahaha just need to learn some of those tricks that make reaper so handy sends bus matrix and whatnot


Your track was crazy man. This was easily the best competition we’ve had in awhile. I’m super happy with my song personally, think I’m going to see about getting it released.

Next competition you better get something out @_ronzlo :angry:


Cheers, it had such an unusual vibe.

This might be useful to you:

@Tolsof yeah, for sure. I’m trying to avoid this feeding into a larger shame/despair spiral about producing. Trying to stay focused and motivated. Thx for the encouragement.


Cheers man I’ll check em later


Cheers man!

Looking forward to the next one


Don’t focus so much on actually getting a tune out. Have some fun. Make some noises. Send in whatever you’ve got


Any progress on those samples @cyclopian @knobgoblin


Nice. Digitakt on my track too

@Tolsof: I’ve got a bunch of one shots I can contribute. I’ll add a good drone too


Alright just pm 2-3. I got one that I’ve been wanting to use for a while too. 2-3 from Cyclopian and we got a decent pack


What compklyn at?


sry for the delay, had a Uruguayan mate staying at the house here and havent been on the computer much, will get some stuff to ya tomo


That old chestnut