DSF Roulette! 🎲


Some nice stuff entered. When’s the next one?


Any minute now…


im growing some samples in the lab, they should be ready for harvest any day now


I guess I could put together another pack of the other guys are busy. Kind of want to crank another one of these out before I leave.


I’ll get some tings to ya tonight after work


Sounds good. Not sure how much I’ll be able to make music after I leave


I’ve got something a little different to add if you’re interested - a recording of this nutter leaving a message at my company. All personal/confidential tings have been scrubbed.

Want it?


Why the fuck not. Anyone else who wants to submit something to me.

I’ll get the pack up either tonight or tomorrow.


PM’d already. :man_dancing:


I think i used that sample in this for a DSF competition ages ago (if its the same one) :cornblur:


def dont mind having in the pack again tho


This is a different one. It’s even more amusing than that one. :sunglasses:

I have an archive fwiw. Only the choicest cuts for y’all.


Def have that included


Sorry yesterday was a bit of a shit day. I’ll try and get this up after work


“I pledge allegiance to the flag… and to the mascots of America.”




Not sure I could have thought of a more obnoxious, confusing or all around dumb title.