Dub Fiend feat. Karnage - The Best That I Know Of

Hey all,

This is the last tune from my upcoming EP, (dub)Conscious titled ‘The Best That I Know Of’. It features Derby-based MC Karnage Whamblama and, in my opinion, it’s an absolute killer (but then I would say that).


Lemme know what you think!

Nice one!


yea it’s tight man, I prefer your ‘dubbier’ sound (personally), but this is a solid track, big up!

What DAW u writing with? Really like your style, fancy a getting on a collab?

Thanks man!! :smiley: I try to diversify where possible and not limit any styles from the songs I write - wouldn’t really be true creativity if I couldn’t write what I was feeling but thanks dude :smile:

I write mainly in Cubase 5 (with Ableton Live for vocal parts as the time-stretching features are awesome)… yeah man, we can do something, PM me or something and we can get started :wink:

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Feeling this, naughty little piece


Thanks to everyone for feeding back about this one, hyped that you’re all feeling it :wink:

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