Hey all,

Soooooo my track got played on BBC Radio Introducing for Nottinghamshire last night :smile:

Let me know what your thoughts are! Apologies for the quality, the combination of lower bitrate and compression on the track makes for a crappy quality tune but it’s all there!


this is SOOO SICK
must feel very awesome to be on bbc radio … lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue:
sound quality is ok too…

Big ups man! Glad you like it :smiley:

Yeah man! Gotta say, Dean Jackson on BBC Radio Notts has been very kind to me, third track he’s played of mine! There’s a better quality clip on the SoundCloud that ain’t so compressed if you wanna hear that instead :stuck_out_tongue:

nice one mate, really feeling the tune :slight_smile:

Nice tune man, proper sick dubby viiiibes.

You from nottingham city or the shire?

Thanks man! :smiley:

Currently residing in Forest Fields at the moment but raised in Toton hehehe, you know Notts?

Ah seen, I’m from newark originally but lived in sherwood for a time in 2013. Sort of floating between York, Leeds, Notts and Newark atm haha


:red_car: :truck: :articulated_lorry:

Haha fair! Sherwood ain’t too far from my yard, maybe 5 mins on the bus?