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rawse with the fiyah reissues


This guy uploads quite some good tunes and his visuals are crrrazyYyYyYYy:


Uploaded a few bits to the ol’ tube, the Al Campbell full dub version wasn’t available and the new Winsome record came last week. It’s even better than the first release for me, and that’s saying something:


Yes, @wilson!

Cheers for the bump.

Going to give this a spin this morning:




Love the delay work in this one.



Glorious crusty goodness.


Reissue on this ‘lost’ space-wise dub album on Bokeh

Originals are residing on discogs for over 300 quid so it’s a great chance to own it.


any links to buy? can’t find it other than on scogs


Ah yeah sorry, I’ve updated the post.


Anyone reaching Shaka this Saturday the 1st April

Went Channel One at Brixton Jamm yesterday - very heavy


I would love to as never reached a shaka night but might be difficult this time. Is it every month?


Yeah it’s roughly monthly at the Edge now.

And same never seen him indoors. Only outside - v excited


Normally a quarterly thing i think. Really wanted to reach but my cars just packed in so probably going to have to miss it.

The edge is sick, makes the dome look like a fancy club :cornlol: the bar is proper yard style, ask for a rum and coke and get a double shot of rum and a single shot of coke


Check my playlists. Lots of Dubs here :wink:



Jeez catch me there


Well that was comfortably one of the best things I’ve ever been to or witnessed


Gutted to miss it. You stay till the bitter end??