Dub & Roots





Due to the selection, sound, crowd? Bit of everything?



Got down to this last night. Two valve sounds facing off, straight up speaker porn and nice selection all night.

@Samuel_L_Damnson that Valv-a-Tron is indeed a beauty.


I have to say I was so surprised at how well defined it sounds

They had it running in my uni for a while and u could just go and play ur records on it it was lit


Yeah pretty meaty bottom end too which I didn’t expect. Less punchy than modern scoops, it was like the system warmed into each bass note rather than an instant impact, suited the older ska and rocksteady stuff very nicely.


yea it was much easier on the ears in many ways, i wonder if the slower tranient responsesaves your ears somewhat.


It’s funny cos this sounds like shit now, but last night the room was properly rocking. Power of sound system!


Not sure - just ridiculous vibes.

Never seen so many heads in a rave - like a good 30-40% of the rave was oldish heads stuck to the walls/stacks for 6 hrs.

Although its busy & energetic everyone seems to be in an isolated focus, like no groups of mates/no chatting. The silences in between tunes when he lifted the needle were actually silent - except for a few 'Gwan Shaka’s

Idk it was unlike any ‘clubbing’ experience I’ve had - unique. when he ran 3/4 cuts of a tune and the same 3 note bassline would pound out for 15+ minutes, my only remotely close reference point was the harder techno raves I’ve been to - Berghain etc.

Venue helped too - Lights basically on for the whole thing (from the merch table/DJ lamp) - carpet over half of it.

Walked in when he was playing Israel Vibration - Rudeboy Shuffling too >>>


Sounds perfect man. Deya next time




^ This and Fish & Goat at the Controls absolute top of the wantlist right now.



I feel like a melon sometimes for being captivated by the pure space and bass dubstep stuff back in the day, thinking it was some genius innovation. Young and naive!



Yeah you melon, we all did

There’s an old Prince Far I version that I swear has the bleeps from Request Line/Dub Period vibes in it,
30 years prior. will post when I remember its name



Here @Johoosh any ideas about the first tune here? Or where the vocal is from?


Good record, I have that on vinyl.