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This is vauge and I’m going to sound like a tool but I’m prepared to accept that…

Whats the reggae/dub tune that goes ‘well well welll… something something something…’

i know this is incredibly vauge but I heard it years ago and want to hear it again… it’s not the Dawn Penn’s no no no and its not that Grace Jones dub…

anyone able to help lol?


Channel One vs Iration vs King Shiloh in Brixton Electric, 3rd November.

Copped two early birds as theyre £6 but can’t see it being as good as the billing, what with the rigorous sound cap at Electric & the shit layout & general overcrowding.

Only thing I find with the multi sound dances in mainstream ldn venues is it can confuse the shitmunchers who’ve rolled in for jokes each changeover & you can soon craftily get a good spot when they swap sounds each time.

Interested to hear King Shiloh, they haven’t been in the UK for a while.

Iration is always just an earbleeder but never heard anything turned up to a decent level in Electric. Heard Sinai even got stung at the System w Perez/Dbridge etc…

Worth a reach anyway.


Also did everyone have a good one at Carnival?

Totally missed you guys posts about Channel One w Twinkle Brothers. We got there basically as Twinkle Brothers started and the amount of gurners in the crowd sheesh. Had to duck quite soon after. 3x busier than normal. The dip in sound pressure from the rig to the live PA sound was a lot too and wasnt doing it for a 2hr set for me. Ch3 said it got better later tho.

Carnival Monday itself was great. Left my mates and hung out by Aba right hand stack for last 2-3 hrs. Some heavy selections, that new ‘Politicians’ tune on Black Legacy, some Sister Aisha. Plus 30 min extension to 7:30 which was lively. Aba said some really on point stuff between tunes about the context of carnival this year especially near the end


Yeah we left around 45 mins into Twinkle Brothers unfortunately, like you say extremely busy and that sort of constant jostling/crowd traffic wears me down. I am becoming increasingly jaded against students clogging up the place and not really knowing what’s going on lol. What a presence Ralston is as a front man though, the self assured aura of someone who’s been doing it for 50 years I suppose.


"constant jostling crowd"
yeah nah
in contrast to
a coterie of truheads
dancing or beard-stroking
in a dessicated paddock
feeling challenged by the discomfortitudes
of an alien space,
but way preferable to the known tuniverse.
Ni jas to bring fuuturedubstep (fuud)
& anything else considered fundamental.
Scratch live & decks provided
needles negotiable.

Young January 2019
Be here.


It’s very tempting nuS.
Bass followed by after-hours ambient sessions, kick back and watch the galaxy. Ah man!


exactly wilsun
I’d love for you to be here.




Fire from @wilson

Today’s listening:

^slightly convinced myself that was the Hyph Mngo sample for a min haha


Bought a few tunes now with the wrong version on the flip. :triumph: The older 45’s market is a minefield


:lol_og: been there before!

I’ve got so many jammy’s 45s with the duck dance riddim on the B instead of the dub i was after!


Dealing with Sunday night dread by buying records apparently.


Someone selling a job lot of bangers on ebay:


Bokeh coming with the goods once again :gunfinger:

Got a ticket for the Shaka dance in Tottenham in December too, hopefully can attend finally


Make sure you go to that Shaka dance, will be a great night!


“Cassette and digi available on Bandcamp” :tired_face::gun:


It’s well overdue, gonna make sure I can make it