Dub & Roots


See u at Shaka @wilson


Think I’m going to have to get a ticket as well, haven’t seen shaka in ages


Triples all round :cheers:


No tokes on the blim for me I’ll think I’m part of the carpet again


Few bits coming my way this week:


i got that kunta kinte a little while back, 180g 7" :astonished: thing is heavy lol


What is it an inch thick? That’s mad lol


actually looking at the scogs page, its 74 grams, but it’s noticeably thicker/heavier than any other 7" I own


Nice. I didn’t know heavier 7’s were a thing…


Love that Earth Sound cut.

Everything on that label is great


Any ninjas want 2x tickets to Channel One/Iration/King Shiloh tonight?

Will do both for £12 all in - current release is £17 per ticket

Can’t make it and would like just my money back

PM me safe!


Been trying to do the same on the fb event but they won’t approve it. Would rather sell out the dance I suppose


Feeling it


just copped this new one on Bokeh…



proper modern dub mentality


I think they’re my favourite label around atm. Really good things happening.


Bass line :gunfinger:


Nice digi-dub piece


Two days… shaka shaka warrior :cornstrobe:

Also are people aware of Mikey Dread’s show on SLR?

The Worldwide one is good but Kayleb’s always too bloody loud, this show is straight tunes


Ooft nice spot. Not heard before.

Got any ID on the first two? First one Sounds like Scientist >>

Second one is murder