Dub & Roots


@wilson ^^

Also see u at Shaka. Drop me a DM today/tomoz I’ll buy u a beer


Ah it’s Tenor Youthman - Blood A Run


Anyone got ID on first one on this?




These guys are fantastic. Massive shame the singer died just as they were breaking out


Xmas reading


I have that book, but realized that I haven’t read it yet. :embarassed:

You should check out the film Dub Echoes at some point.


I’ve seen it pop up on YouTube but was never sure if it was good, will check it out


On repeat


no hate, but its bizarre to me that you’ve made it this far without seeing dub echos haha

fun watch, you’ll prob recognize tons of samples taken from it


Yeah I know :embarassed: maintains the mystique though innit


Mix down on this one… Proper


secret weapon biz


Not quite dub or roots but close enough for this thread I think.

Really been feeling this one and trying to get a bootleg remix goin