Dub techno / techno influenced 140

Post your favourite tunes
I’m particularly after those dub techno stabs

The whole Aerial album is a masterpiece imo, can’t get enough of it

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more dubby than dub-technoy, still a killer tune:

Monolake did some good dubsteppy stuff, worth to check it out.

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Fuckkkkk that shed album was so sick. seriously recommend shed - the travellerr. sick album

this one is an all time percy. easily one of the best shed/pev tunesz

that compilation album thingy dj madd put out recently has some techno-y bits on it, this was probably my favourite:

also +1 on Shreds by Geiom and Appleblim, i dunno a whole lot about dub techno, i’m sure there’s a whole world of it out there that i don’t know, but that’s probably my favourite tune in that realm that i do know

For some cheeky self promo

Probs won’t put this out because it, inadvertently albeit, grimly bites Ramadanman’s Humber, but if you’d like a 320 hmu. Second section is more of a 4x4 workout.

suppose this one fits here…love this tune

the flip to that tho

Nice one guys
These tunes as well

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i hear the dub but i don’t hear any techno

Well that was a loose association but I hear the dub techno influence. Maybe it’s just me.
He also kind of admits the genre is his inspiration in this interview

there’s like a little 4/4 part in the first tune but that’s about it

2562- channel 2 is illll

that synth is so thick

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Thats a classic R&S bassline and a reggae skank! them tunes fit perfectly in this thread love the tunes long time :}

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