Dubspeak Comp


Yeah I totally get it. Some teachers are assholes tho and don’t want to have to deal with anything that’s actually unique of interesting


I talked to her today and she’s onboard, I didn’t quite say that it was going to include dubstep forum yet, wanted to show something a little more concrete first, but full steam ahead!


e = cowbell


Why e and what to do with c?


Maybe a shaker for c


Cos its one of the most common alphabets :smiley:

I’m not being serious though, cos this sounds like a setup to make some funny tunes. The vowels could be fx rather than sounds, maybe E is reverb


True say!

I added delay and speech/singing and switched birds for animals. Can’t think of many other effects other than distortion, and flanger/phaser/chorus, assuming that we can use any amount of pan programming, then you have to start labelling trivials like filters and controllers which are usually built into a synth you would make a sound with though. Maybe leave these in because it’s dubstep but not overdo it with the effects list because it’s pretty fair game imo


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