[Dubstep] Conscious Pilot b2b Fox - Rusted Rhythms Vol. 5 [The Rust]

I’m posting this on behalf of The Rust

"Just over a year ago I had the pleasure of attending The Tsunami Bass Experience’s HzOfHorrors halloween show. I went with the intention of seeing Nomine & Sam Binga, two names I was already familiar - before that night, I hadn’t heard of Conscious Pilot. I was so excited for the first two, and I left talking about Conscious Pilot. His set was one of the most captivating and mesmerizingly heavy collection of tracks i’d experienced live before, and to top it all off, Tsunami Bass had installed a Bass floor contraption that quite literally shook you to the bone. You could quite literally feel the music. I left wanting more, and wound up interacting with CP online in an attempt to find out what songs i’d heard the night before. Now, one year later, I’m happy to announce that CP, aka Patrick Forster, has recorded a b2b mix with his buddy Fox for me to release through The Rust. It’s a collection of all unreleased, original tracks from both artists, and was recorded in Conscious Pilot’s home studio. It’s an hour worth of madness, and it illustrates so brilliantly why I enjoyed that show so much. Both artists find such an exceptional balance between the deep and the heavy. There’s some straight up bone-crunchers in there, but theres also a handful of smoother tunes to space out to. The mix is quite a magnificent ride, and i’m incredibly excited to share it with you. The mix premiered on Conscious Pilot’s sub.fm show, and is available to download here.

I hope you enjoy it. Stay chooned, folks.

Below are some relevant links, followed by the track listing:

Conscious Pilot



Fox - Limbo [unreleased]
Dragonette - My Legs (Fox Remix) [Feral Sound]
ARtroniks - Extinction (Fox Remix) [unreleased]

Conscious Pilot - Brute Creation [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Bombing Science [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Dreadmill VIP [unreleased]

BunZer0 - In The Zone (Fox Remix) [unreleased]
Fox - Undeniable Dub [unreleased]
Fox - Critical Dub [unreleased]

Conscious Pilot - Bullshit [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Playing With Fire [unreleased]
Fox - Redolence [unreleased]

Fox - Redolence (VIP) [unreleased]
Tool - Disgustipated (Fox Remix) [unreleased]
Fox & GMAK - Angry Man [unreleased]

Conscious Pilot - Jamaican Me Vibrate [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Perceptive Conductor [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Fighting Chants VIP [unreleased]

Fox & Sinerise - Whisper [unreleased]
Fox - Wintermute [Zip Sound Recordings]
Fox - Chthonic [Feral Sound]

Conscious Pilot - Brute Creation - Creep n00m RMX [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Brute Creation - ARtroniks RMX [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - Brute Creation - Fox RMX [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot & Hulk - The Sybian [unreleased]
Conscious Pilot - That’s Dangerous [unreleased]

??? [unreleased]
Fox - Like I Never Left [unreleased]
Fox - Touch [unreleased]"