Dubstep Drop Arrangement

I am proud and confident in my sound design but I have no idea how to arrange them into a drop that isn’t repetitive.

Refer to this handy illustration:

When is a drop more than a drop?

When it’s not.

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lulz. :cornlol:

But seriously OP:

Come up with a 2nd (and 3rd, and however many necessary) drop that’s different from the first. Use the one with least impact first and the one with the most last.

The topic of repetitiveness in dubstep and electronic music in general has been caned here thoroughly. But a historical perspective is a good start - drops in DnB, then in reggae before that… but tbh, the same old same old two drop repeat is stale for a lot of people, not just you. The generic formula being used by everybody now has its origins in disco and especially house INM and was used to release tension that’d been built up. So - how can someone creatively resolve tension in ways that are fresh and new? Again, history is your friend. Jazz and classical are full of interesting tension resolutions.

@2:24 but you should listen from the start