Dubstep Forum Sample Pack

Guys what about making Dubstep Forum Sample Pack ? everyone can send here your samples, any kind of, it can be percussion, bass, drums… anything you want. After month i will collect them and put into .rar file… Lets begin :smile:

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You know, I was just thinking about how much I miss the samplepack competitions. This sounds like something different, but still related.

Once this pack is assembled let’s play.

I didn’t realize they’d stopped, but I’m not happy at all that they have. Community.dsf.ninja is slacking.

getting on it

I have 10 vocal chops made now… I hope more people will join this :smile:

Me neither. Nothing but nothing improved my chops like those did. Deadlines and limitations have a way of making you better.

@Erik_Fuljer - where are folks supposed to send samples?

I think it would be good for the forum if the owners and/or moderators made it such that we had these sample packs quite regularly and invited a big name producer to produce a track using only the samples from the pack, which the forum could then distribute. Maybe even annual web-compilations or something with user submissions too. Would be a good piece of history too like the old Allstar mixes; chronicling the development of the sound.


Yeah - let’s not forget that these competitions already produced a “big big choon” that wound up getting pressed and everything. Man went on to do Boiler Room n’ shit.

Agreed w/ MorrisJessle that a little bit of sponsorship/support/structure from the mods would be nice, but even so - and even without big name producers - I really think we could bootstrap it into existence ourselves if nobody else does.

Did a different contest on the old board where I approached a sample house and asked 'em if they’d sponsor a contest where we used their samples, they picked a winner, and that winner got a free commercial pack from the sponsor… that was after people bellyached about there being no incentive to participate meh meh meh prizes meh meh my fassyhole hurts ( :confused: ). Of course even with a prize the participation was low. Folks was all talk and no step.

Would love it if the new ninja crew could one up the old…

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