Dubstep Nights

I know it’s hard to say seeing as it’s lockdown, but can anyone recommend good clubs that play 140, or any events which still play out dubstep? Wish I was into the scene when DMZ still had events going, those sets look mad.

Pre lockdown, the regular nights were things like shitty dubstep, Juan Forte, subtle FM nights, hvywght, system, hit & run, Subdub - definitely some more, but can’t remember off the top of my head

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I’m totally in the same boat. I live in Toronto and although we’re in lockdown now, I don’t recall any Dubstep nights happening here before it all happened. If anyone knows of anything I’d love to check them out when it’s all over!

Basstrace in Vienna is nice if you happen to be around.
I think there were some guys making trips from pretty far away actually

Is there a dubstep scene or some sort in Swansea? I’ll be staying there for the rest of the year for my studies and would be happy to go to some parties :adios:
Bristol is not that far away so I’ll definitely go there as well hehe