[Dubstep] Pearsall - 10 Steps: A Sarantis Tribute

Here’s a little mix I put together over the weekend - it’s a quick tribute to Sarantis, who is, IMO, one of the more under-rated producers out there.


Blog link: http://sonicrampage.org/blog/2016/03/pearsall-presents-10-steps-a-sarantis-tribute-dubstep-the-780-project-part-11/

Mixed in Berlin, March 2016
(28:50, 66 MB, 320 kbps MP3)Tracklisting:01. Sarantis - More Than Money ft Warrior Queen (Senseless)
02. Sarantis - Low Riddim (Senseless)
03. Sarantis - Focus (Instrumental) (Senseless)
04. Sarantis - Fetish (Senseless)
05. Sarantis - Badman Dub (Senseless)
06. Sarantis - Spark (Senseless)
07. Sarantis - Vendetta (Special Branch)
08. Sarantis - Eclipse (Subsonik)
09. Sarantis - Outlaw Dub (Subsonik)
10. Sarantis - Nitroglycerine ft Asher Don & Dialect (Terminal Dusk)


Bumped since I think Sarantis is pretty under-rated

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this was cool man

always like 140 mixes where i haven’t heard any of the tunes

sick, i remember @phrex playing one of his tunes on the secret ninja ustream :corndance:

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ooh shit that first tune was in some old stella session, can’t say I’ve ever heard of Sarantis though will listen properly later

That was the first tune in Generation Bass jingle too i think

nice mix, enjoyed this a lot.

Cheers guys! :raised_hands:

big up. you have a solid memory.
i recommend more spliffs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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