[Dubstep/remix] Wubz 4 Jesus

My first dubstep remix.
Feedback appreciated.

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feedback: I can’t be bothered to ctrl+c ctrl+v, where’s the link?

Mobile device problems.

If you can’t be bothered to copypasta, then this music isn’t for you.

Mate, why are you such a dick? Aren’t you asking people to take time out of their own days to listen to your music?
Why don’t you copy and paste your link instead of typing it out in the most obnoxious way possible?

I bet the tune is dead out anyway, @swerver. Sod him.

yeah this music ain’t for me

Gabriel seems familiar as if I seen him on another forum… Idk his song is like when I first hit the DAW

i did copypasta but this music isn’t for me anyway

Man come on really? You want us to go and find your track ? That’s just the worst way to advertise yourself. If u really think ur music is that good, we would have already found it.

Dude. I promise this song isn’t good. It’s supposed to be funny. The title is slightly offensive, so I didn’t really want the box to pop up anyways. Sorry nobody caught the reference or got the joke.
You guys are all radical. Love this community. Great stuff.

we’re all serious tru-heds in here mate…it’s serious bizniss


Guess so. Having fun is important though.
I have serious tracks, but they probably aren’t the right genre for you guys.

that was actually a joke tbf, but maybe in here? The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)

What in here? Post this track in there? Look at that forum? Post my stuff you wouldn’t like in there? I’m sorry I don’t comprendo.

Promise, no dick status intended.

sik wubz m8

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i’ll make it clear: if your genre is brostep, the link above is where other like-minded individuals congregate

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Sorry I’m not good at genres. And I highly doubt my other stuff falls into this “brostep” catagory. It’s more like depressing poetry and rapping over ambient guitars and trap beats.
Don’t sweat it.
I now know better than to try humor in such a serious environment.

lol WUB WUB jesus great humour lolllllololo


Brostep for bros who just wanna sit in the shower and cry while they jerk off.

Oh. in that case, that’s me. 100%
I’m actually jerking it in the shower right now.

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