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post dank-mainly interested in old school sets but anything cool post it

posted this in grime but in the last 20 minutes chefs just got into some serious dubstep bits, starts with horror show then a maad old skream dub called bad seed never heard of (CC. @epiccentipede6942)

looking for this set if it’s about some dubs in there i’ve never heard of- found on dissensus- can’t find on google at all

A 2 hour Hatcha set from the 2004 Xtra Garage weekend. Pretty bad sound quality, at times you have to imagine the bass, but worn out Big Apple dubs circa '04 dont grow on trees so you should give it a try.

Part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/u5723c
The breaks are there for one I've chopped off 1Xtra's hourly news bulletins (even at 7 in the morning!)

Part 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6cu68u
The final tape chewed up so the set is missing the last 25 minutes or so, but if I remember it wasnt great.

Hatcha & Crazy D on the Xtra Garage Weekend, 18th of July 04

Mala- Conference (Soul Jazz)
Mala- Give Jah Glory (Tempa)
Loefah- Twis Up (DMZ)
Loefah- Indian Dub (Big Apple Records)
Mala- Pathways (remix) (orig on Big Apple Records)
Coki- The Edit
Benga- Skank 2004 (2003 mix on Big Apple Records)
Skream- Traitor (Ital Beats)
Benga- Pulse
Skream- Bad Seed
Loefah- Bombay Squad (Grime 2 compo, Rephlex)
Coki- Jah Fire
Coki- Country Man (Grime 2 compo, Rephlex)

Benga- Star Wars (The Hatcha VIP) (Tempa)
Benga- Untitled
Benga- Mammoth (Plasticman remix)
Benga- Blood (remix)
Estate Productions- Marchin’
Skream- Get Em
Loefah- Horror Show (DMZ)
Coki- Lowdown
Benga- The Virus (Southside Dubstars 6)
Plasticman- Deep VIP
Skream- Hallowlerd (Southside Dubstars 7)
Benga- Dreams (Southside Dubstars 6)
Possibly Skream
Benga- The Visitor (Newstep CD, Benga Beats)
Unknown- Unknown
Unknown- Unknown
Benga- The Future (Newstep CD, Benga Beats) 

+can anyone recommend any other old hatcha ones, feel like some tear out kiss action with crazy d+ coki bits

a couple personal favourites too

noone else fucks up the dance q like kode9 playing 140

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mcing on this is pants,

jokes how even though joe’s not on mic you can hear him just yelling his head off in the background

Still one of my all time favourites

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rama one >>

^rah that was good

niiice old school keysound, unreleased burial etc

this might be my top dubstep set ever, perfect mix of grime and dubstep, great unreleased bits- lightz se25 dub, mala- creeper, dizzee rascal-win…

right click and save to get the links off the page x

How much set could a Dubstep step if a Dubstep could step sets.

there’s a mystikz dub in the bristol one called people unite, never heard of it before, nice 2

anyone got kowton 2009 keysoundmix? links are all dead

Second half of this is fire.

ayy is that the techno braiden? it’s awesome 2 see how ppl move on to different genres


starts off with coki countdown, more niceness inside

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yo guys i started this channel for UK rave music.

got this dubstep set on there