Dubstep songs with heavy reggae influence (or the other way around)

Hi :mrjoint:

I am looking for more songs like these:

6Blocc - Burning Dub

6blocc - the weed

Alborosie - Herbalist (Numa Crew remix)

Andy Skopes - Africa Is Zion

Bob Marley - Is This Love (Lojik Remix)

Bushman Meditation (future jungle dubie remix) by mr. Mefistou .

Dreadsquad - Caravan Radikal Guru Dubstep remix

Dub Breakah Razaman - Jah Jah Warriors

Horsepower Productions - Damn It

Laney Cali - Go Back Jah no dead

Monkey Marc - Rudebwoy Dub

Numa Crew - Java

Numa Crew - World Of Ragga

Radikal Guru - Solaris Dub

A lot of early digital mystikz tunes have a heavy dub influence which might be what you’re looking for. On my phone rn so I cba but you can easily these in YouTube yourself:

-Ancient Memories
-Give Jah Glory
-Anti War Dub
-Dry Cry

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Here are some reggae style dubstep tracks I think you may enjoy:

Sukh Knight - Chicken Curry

DZ - Manners

L-Wiz - Walter

L-wiz - Pirates

Suspicious Stench & Horace Andy - Youth of 2day

Matta vs Pablo Gad - When I Was a Yout

ENiGMA Dubz ft Ghette - Close Your Eyes ( “GanjaMusicHD” channel on youtube has a whole bunch of music like this).

You mentioned Horsepower Productions. Most of their tracks are pretty dub and check out Benny ill.

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is this thread a joke

Lol ya, swear like 90% of dubstep is v jahbless

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Check discogs for the labels WAR series, Roots & Future, Lioncharge, Moonshine Recordings, WhoDemSound. All very jahstep.

The netlabel MindStep has a few tunes in this style aswell.

Thank you all for contributing. I now have enough to commence my perusing :mrweed:

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