Dubstep terms

Could you peeps give me a short definition of ‘technical’ terms in the dubstep genre? For example a dubplate. Btw I’m relatively new to the genre and want to know what’s what. Ya get meh? xD

dubplate=exclusive unreleased tune
not limited to dubstep either (originated in reggae)


Specifically an mp3 though


Oh i looked it up and it said it was on like 5" discs… So it can be mp3s aswell?

The medium doesn’t matter these days, it is just an exclusive tune that hasn’t be released to the general public. Sometimes exclusive only to the original artist’s live sets.

The term dubplate originally refered to one-off or very short runs of exclusive tunes printed to acetate records, which is cheaper than vinyl, but doesn’t last as long and is more brittle. And yes, the term comes from Reggae/Dub Reggae culture originally.

Ohhh, i get it. About live sets exclusives; is that like an ID track?

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What is an ID Track?!

xD urban dictionary definition ftw: “New track a producer/DJ plays that nobody knows the name of yet”

oh ffs i keep forgetting to click reply to your specific comment :-}

Yea. I guess some ID tracks are probably dubplates then.

While you’re here, are there any other terms i should know before making a fool of myself on this forum that you can think of? xD

i always think of a dubplate as a physical disc, imo you can’t really call a file dubplate


After the song’s release is it possible to buy the dubplate??? I’ve seen promo discs being sold on Discogs, dunno if that’s the same thing as a dubplate tho

I tend to agree with this myself.

Nah, once it’s been released it’s no longer a dubplate. Then again if you’re well connected someone might sell it to you, but that’d be weird as fuck b2b rude.

wikipedia 2 the rescue:

some parts of this article are false though haha, its mainly accurate though imo and gives you the overall jist of the idea

promos are usually copies of the record sent out to djs before the public release to build hype. They often have no artwork (just a white center label). They can be quite rare and many people like to collect them.

They arent the same as a dubplate.

a common phrase people ask when listening to mixes is “ID?” as in please identify this tune. I’ve never heard the term “ID track” as a noun referring to an exclusive track though… I’m kinda guessing this is a more modern thing with riddim guys or something tho

you see acetate dubplates all the time on discogs and in record shops. Its really not that uncommon for dubplates to make it to the 2nd hand market… def not “rude”

Nah that’s rude man. I send you a DAT of my tune and you press it up and sell it?
Bad form, imho.