Dubstep to listen to whilst writing/learning code

OK I never made a topic before…

I want to discuss really slow chill dubstep that’s good for work

ok doesn’t have to be slow or chill, maybe more uplifting dub is good - but not the stuff that puts you into a trance… you know the stuff… it needs to be gd for the office not monging :smiley: plz help

@Dubstep_Warrior is your man

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I usually listen to drill when im coding lol

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drill?! like gangster drill?
pls share examples and i will try

yh lol probably not everyone’s cup of tea ha

This thread has some good stuff on it

ty, trying it now!

Instructions unclear, hunting ops on the block.


fucking hell, you must have an amazing brain to concentrate whilst listening to that … but it is enjoyable but might make my brain explode… will try again tomorrow though coz it might be the weather or the task was too wordy so the rap was replacing the words in my brain and ppl in the office don’t know i am a complete ganster yet incase i start typing the lyrics… maybe i’m looking for less lyrics is what i’m trying to say.

And I’ve heard that song on le radio that vid linked to!

I thought drill was grim(e) tbf, very happy I joined a muso’s forum.

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Look at MrSuicideSheeps’ channel on YT, some of it is cheesy poppy dubstep but it’s chill enough. Some dnb on there too

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Maybe check out some dub reggae?


dub reggea is a great shout! will check suicidesheep - i seem to remember that from nottingham trent days. dj wanka? must be good…listening in a second

woah rusko recently on the mix for latino pop

now this is what i need to listen to when I need to wake up when i can’t type anymore. a very professional answer from you there good sir. i say promote the man


Wait what’s going on

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it sounds so bad though, you think it’s worth a try?

will i be einstein?