[Dubstep] Wahn - Reaktor Mashup

Here is a mix using NI Reaktor (Ultraloop plugin essentially)
This is recorded live, a lot of loops are used so naming all the tracks is pretty hard but you will hear Kahn, Gantz, J:Kenzo, Nomine, Kryptic Minds, and so on…
As this is 100% improv, sometimes it’s ace and sometimes it’s more messy :wink:

Wahn - Reaktor Dustep Mashup 20150627 by Wahn

By the way, my mixcloud contains older mixes (but still good), like this one made on Live.

Wahn - Dj set @ Le Chantier by Wahn on

And the tracklist :
1.Man in The Maze by Goth Trad
2.Undercoat by DjRUM
3.Back & Forth by Akkord
4.Kuru by Strago & Snooks
5.Turiya by DjRUM
6.Hairline 23C by Senking
7.Gritty by Skream
8.136 Trek by Pinch
9.Revolution by Author
10.RENEWAL by Akkord
11.Feel It by V.I.V.E.K.
12.Mountains p1 by DjRUM
13.Infect by Strago & Snooks
14.Mind Control by Distance
15.The Gambia by Mensah
16.Airbreaker by Goth Trad
17.Rubber Sun Grenade by Loops Haunt
18.Teacher by Author
19.Plead With Me by DjRUM
20.Formal Junction by Proxima
21.Outs by Kevin McPhee
22.Ruffhouse by JKenzo
23.Departure by Goth Trad
24.Grunge by Proxima
25.480bc by Roska
26.Therapy by JKenzo
27.Tension by DjRUM
28.Strategy by V.I.V.E.K.
29.Reservoir by Synkro
30.Phatty Drummer by Skream
31.Hound Dog by Cymatic
32.This Much by XXXY
33.Swampman by Cluekid
34.Spread love by V.I.V.E.K.