Dubstep week at RedBull.com


Tons of unseen pics from back in the day in Berlin - http://www.redbull.com/uk/en/music/stories/1331734267514/on-a-natural-charge-how-dubstep-went-global

The studio shot of Skream cutting dubplates is great

some cool reading in here! enjoying it a lot

Full disclosure, I helped put the lost-dubs piece together (with plenty of help mind). Audience is 18-24, so hoping some young bods discover some stuff they like and get diggin

cool to see some history getting exposure. I fully expect prices for Grime & Grime 2 to skyrocket though. :badteeth:
By the way, you can find all these pictures and more on Orson’s flickr account (some mad shots in there): https://www.flickr.com/photos/version/

some thoughts on the whole thing:

  1. the lost dubs selection is a bit lackluster to be honest. The selection will always be up for debate; personally I wouldn’t rank Adultz Only anywhere near a top 20 list of Mala tunes, for example, and don’t know many people that would, while tracks like Tombstone get so much more love… What strikes me more though is the somewhat off-putting arrangement of the tunes; having Butcha first is a bit weird; I would’ve had Levitated or Brazil on top. Easy, accessible music that will keep people interested and continue to click down, instead of dubby deep (Butcha) or wonky (Adultz Only) business nobody not yet “initiated” (sorry for that word) will likely find appealing.

  2. Dubstep producers running things in 2015: Piezo isn’t “labelmates” with Gantz; they haven’t released music on the same label (yet). Emika hasn’t been doing anything dubsteppy for well over a year now. Big up on including Sub Basics and giving that kid I’ve never heard of before some exposure, but… “running things in 2015”? A bit optimistic there, maybe, especially when all the rage for the past three years has been Commodo (no mention) / Gantz / Kahn (no mention) / Thelem (to a lesser extent; no mention) …

  3. Top Ten Dubstep Albums: Selection is highly subjective and up for debate; won’t go into that. What really bothers me is how inconsistent everything is though: all the “dubs” and “producers running things” were accompanied by a little text, giving the reader some information about the things they’re looking at. Here, we’re left with a couple of images without any context whatsoever. Why was Dubstep Allstars Vol. 1 chosen, who’s DJ Hatcha, and why is the album I torrented only consisting of a single 60min track? etc. etc.

good effort, but I would’ve loved for the whole thing to be a bit more concise and have some better overarching narrative to it.