DUBSTEPR App: iOS + Android + Website for Dubstep mixes/podcasts/radioshows

Hi everyone,

we have created a cool website/app based on soundcloud called DUBSTEPR.

So far we have selected >1000 hours of of Dubstep mixes, podcasts and radishows

Web version: http://dubstepr.maisbaixo.com

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=maisbaixo.dubstepr

iPhone/iPad version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1048809298


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is there a way to see a list of all available mixes?

Yes, for now, only here: http://maisbaixo.com/site/dubstepr/

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new version online! would love some feedback >>


I’ll check it out, good effort though!

are you portugese? if so, big up!

Yes I am :slight_smile:

cool man I love portugal

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word of advice: nobody likes a selfpromoting spammer.

I’m not against self-promotion per se, but posting your links in threads that have nothing to do with your music, yet are dedicated to someone’s project is very rude (and annoying). You’re not the only aspiring producer willing to sell his soul for a couple of clicks; now imagine everyone were posting their links in here… How much actual discussion relevant to the original post will happen, what do you think? And how would you feel if people would start posting their links in your own threads?

It’s just shit behaviour, there’s no other way to say it.

By the way, I just gave your stuff a listen - did you even do the effort to listen to the music on DUBSTEPR? because clearly, your productions are something completely different and have absolutely nothing in common with the music @douradinhos promotes. Please show some respect to the people putting in their time and effort.

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@jrkhnds my toughts exactly.

UPDATE on Dubstepr: New weekly newsletter :slight_smile: Feel free to subscribe


Android App in progress


Android app is finally on Google Play. Go get it!

Will check this out tonight. Not being able to look at the site at work, but who selects what goes up or is it trawled from certain sights on the net?

Its curated by us.

There’s no real way to automatically update these playlists based solely on tag or some other info (brostep attttttack!).

iPhone/iPad gang… your time!!

Hmm ok, so you choose whats good enough to go on there?

couldn’t even find it on google play, searched for ‘dubstepr’ but it came back with nothing