Dubwise riff synth help

Anyone know how to make these synths? Hear them in a lot of tunes and really been vibing of Kahn & Neek recently so wanna give it ago:


0:00 & 0:13


Running Logic X without massive, help gladly appreciated!

Sorry they’re all Gorgon Sound, just think they’re all too sick :smile:


Could be detuned squares with a pitch envelope to give the beginung of the sound that sort of zappy quality. I guess distortion is involved judging by the sound too
Maybe try it the same but without the squares just using a sine wave and more distortion

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I echo everything @Samuel_L_Damnson has said here… it’s a combination of detuned squares, sharp attack and no decay on the amp envelope and a pitch envelope pitching up, possibly sidechained to the amp envelope?

Also, you might find that the filter is partially controlled by the pitch of the note being played… either that or there is some phase modulation to change the sound subtly on different notes as it sounds as if it evolves a little bit between notes of different pitch.

Best thing is to experiment :smile:

I think the second one has a layer and octave up above it I think too. The third one sounds totally different I think