Dust//Grain-An Old Soul(Garage)

Hi everyone…feedback is welcome and appreciated…I don’t post much but spend a ton of time trolling anonymously to grow my skills and I’m looking to learn as much as I can.Thanks for stopping by:)


Hi dude, I listened to your track right now, you did a pretty good job in my opinion, congratulations, keep working that hard! :smiley:

Hi man welcome. Basically you have the right elements but more variation is needed particularly in the drums, they could use some more swing (maybe more hats/a couple of ghost snares here and there) love the bass and the vox - big job

hey thanks man!!Yeah I totally agree w/ what you said and drums are definitely where i struggle the most both with variation and getting that right amount of swing…I think ill look into Abletons groove section because i can’t seem to pencil in the right amount of swing with my grid set to narrow(also it gets tedious having to keep zooming in).