Dynamite (DNB) Free Download



Wow it’s been so long since I’ve posted here, yes I’m still alive! Different Alias (which is to be expected after such a long amount of time!)

Would love some feedback if anyone is into some heavy DNB stuff,it’s not my usual so am curious how it sounds to others :slight_smile:

Nice little heavy roller, got a bit of a RAM Trilogy vibe about it. Felt like it could do with a switch up around 3m40s, last part of the tune feels like a repeat of the first.

Thanks dude :slight_smile: Yes I feel I skipped too far to the “polishing off” stage and not enough time spent on variation etc. A lesson learned which I will try to be more aware of next time

The thing with a tune like this; it is a roller. But how many DJs are honestly going to let it roll for the full track length? As an alternative, just take off 64 bars to bring the length down. That way you’ve still got a cohesive tune that doesn’t go too loopy at the end (by which point it’s probably already been mixed out of)