Early garage / Garage house 4x4 stuff

Post those early garage US imports housey 4x4 stuff
nice n ripe, tuff jam, 24 hour experience etc


massive response to tis thread lol

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Baffled!! :ok_hand:

lol yeah it happens

feeling these tunes though big up, know like 0 about this style, that bassbins tune is ridicULOUS

(og links down)

Yeah some god tunes go for silly money on discogs. It’s Jeremy sylvesters speed garage alias

That You Cheated tune is nice.

yep yep yep i love this shit

Jeremy Sylvesters whole 90s catalogue is full of gold, I always draw for his shit when I’m DJing

so much good shit with sub-500 youtube views from him too, mad

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always draw for dis oneee

almost feels like an especially sexy UK funky tune a bit

I always draw for dis one:


thats gangster

Wondering if anyone might have an ID on the track at the start of this video?

Big music !!
Alot of the tunes listed I have coming up for sale once I’ve built the discogs page up.