Eatbones - Way of Destiny

I made a new track with Andrepszy in Fl Studio 12 :smile:, I Think it’s good, but your opinion is important for me …

If you have problems to hear my track, click here (I dont know add videoplayer in this page :confounded:)

This is really good, I like it :slight_smile:

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just paste the link.

This track is very compressed. I think the sub could afford to sit a bit louder in the mix. Atm, the lack of bass could probably trainwreck a set when played in and amongst what is supposed to be bassy music. You’ve got your growls down, just don’t be chinsy with the sub!

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Thanks! :smile:

Thanks for the advice!, really i try to make a better sub bass but i dont know -_-

Just mix it louder than you have done in this track. Turn up the volume/increase the gain

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