Echo/Delay for DJing

I’m looking to get a Xone 92 mixer and afaik they don’t have echo or delay features like pioneers/serato. I wanna get something so I can just get a simple delay for mixing dub, like what VIVEK or Jay 5ive use, but can also use for mixing out vocals like what Oneman does quite a bit on serato.

Any decent hardware? The simpler the better really… I just wanna emulate the effects on serato but for vinyl.

Kaoss Pads are pretty good tools for DJ’ing. Plus you can set up loops with them.


If you’re willing to spend the money, look at the El Capistan.
I heard Bleak use it in his DJ set with the 92 and it sounded so lush.
Cluster bomb kick drums.

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El Cap isn’t a bad suggestion…the Boss RE 20…if you really want to shell out Strymon Timeline is a beast (same company as El Cap)…it has tons of delays including the code of the El Capistan (but the editing isn’t nearly as deep).

Dunno if you are looking for a synched delay or not.

KP3s are cool as hell, I’ve got one, but the looping is a bit weird…and they go out of sync easily…when you “turn off” a loop it just mutes it, but the loop is still playing…and it doesn’t re sync the loop when you turn it back “on”. It has a one shot mode though, which is much better IMO…

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Yeah, one shot. Dub siren. Bleeps and Bloops.


Cheers for all the suggestions, once I get a few hours spare I’ll look into all these properly!

Quick question about all the above, can you apply the effects to just one deck/channel on the mixer and easily switch to another? The effects built into the mixer can be applied to each channel individually… kinda need that if I wanna mix out vocals with an echo/delay effect… I don’t want it to echo both at once.

Well, you really need a DJ mixer with audio send/return.

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Yep. I use a Rane TTM-56. You will be fine with a Xone 92. I have used that mixer extensively. Rane’s and Allen & Heath are my top choices for DJ mixers. Kaoss Pad integrate well because they are so tactile. I don’t even have a KP3, I have an old KP2 but it is super fun to play with while DJ’ing. @fragments I know the looping can be kind of weird, but it is a technique. You have to get the timing down just right. Just depends on what you are trying to do. One shots are great, KP3 has so much more memory and sample times. But for effects, it is really intuitive.

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Yea. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from trying a Kaoss Pad at all, just thought I’d point out it handles looping differently. It is probably one of the most fun pieces of gear I own. Its great for recording live FX in the studio as well. You really can’t go wrong with a KP3 if you like sound mangling : )

Yeah so the Xone 92 can definitely do that with control over Aux send 1 and 2 per channel.

Really the only time I’m not worried about a DJ mixer messing with my sound
is when it is a Rane or A&H. For Pioneer, I have different limiter settings and everything.

played on a pioneer the other day and once more I had to acknowledge how shit they are. even the cue function sounds fucking horrible, not to mention the filters. :corncry:
my favourite mixer must be the xone:42… cba with the 4band eq on the 92 unless I’m on a techno tip, but for mixing literally anything else it’s just a bit long.

was thinking of getting an xone23c & they have the external effect loop thing

so if i get a delay pedal i WILL be able to put it on just 1 channel at a time right??

just 2 be clear :pray:

Problem with buying a mixer for fx is that it limits you to your bedroom, unless you wanna lug around a mixer to gigs.

Boss delay/echo pedals?

Honestly I can’t tell from looking at the control surface…you’ll have to read the manual man…

ah i just checked it, the filter button on each channel sends to both the channel’s vcf filter & the external effect if the external effect is turned on

so i guess you can use it on only one channel, but if you’re using it on one channel you cant use the vcf filter on the other channel or else it will go through the external as well

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Not exactly like a traditional send/return…but workable…

ecler nuos seem to have nice fx send capabilities, never heard one though so idk if theyre any good otherwise

nuos are decent for @home.

i use RE-20