"Eerie Sounds"

I’m making a new track and I really want it to be dark. Like the image in my mind is like in an abandoned building or something and you’re not quite sure if you’re alone. Normally when I make something like that it’s just something I recorded, like people talking or something, drowned in reverb but I really want to make a synth or something. Every sound I’ve made so far feels really derpy and just have no real direction.

Tbh I don’t even really know any good examples. If you want me to post the stuff I’ve made I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont discount music theory here…but thin, digital synth sounds with EQd reverb to make them sit just in the right place. It is hard to give specific directions.

Listen to the Silent Hill OSTs …those games had mad background scores…


I approve of this topic.


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Interesting read. I feel like a lot of it has to do with space and timing. And I will definitely have to take a listen to that. I unfortunately never had the pleasure of playing that game. Just started playing dark souls 2 for the first time (never played any of their other games) and I just love how depressing it is. It inspired me to make this track (I really want to make one for the last giant cuz something about that struck a chord with me idk why)

Tritones and minor seconds, if you’re sticking to 12tet.

I think it was Legend4ry who did a tutorial where he took a snare and timestreched it to 4+ bars and put a reverb with no dry signal on it. Probably works well with all kinds of percussion.

I’m testing this out now. Works wonders and makes me happy that it doesn’t take much effort to come up with interesting results!

Did that along with a couple other samples of instruments I have and put it all together and here’s what I got.

Just arranged it pretty quickly for something short so it could probably be arranged much much better but think it sounds pretty good.

Yeah, sounds like eastern-industrialism man. Like what you did there, it’s documentary-esque.

I like using Absynth for gloomy soundscapes. It really allows me to get some crazy sreamy types of sounds as well. Check it.


just put 100% wet reverb on something and then resample it and pitch it up and down and put more reverb on it