Egoless Appreciation


Dude the last 10 seconds of this clip indicates to me this tune will cause absolute ruckus. What a fucking skid this sounds like its going into!




is there a release date for this?


Nah afaik i was just him messing about getting to grips with the 388 and getting his sound just how he wants it, hope it turns into a release tho


egoless saturday night in nottingham…

its gunna be a tingggg, hope the system is ready to handle what he will be throwing its way!!



The vocal has been done to death but that would do damage still.



Never seen him before and now I’m gonna catch him twice in a week :cornersault:


nice! need to catch his live set tbh, not ur average set from what i’ve seen


U gonna listen to 2 different sets then, dub in Bristol, step in London :slight_smile:

Big up all for support! I appreciate it…


Can’t wait man!



new egoless coming on tempa


really feeling that clip

egoless on tempa mmm :hmm:

any chance for a cheeky release of the ska version of night then?


:gunfinger: heavy


Egoless ft. Tenor Youthman - Non-Immigrant Song + dub (ZamZam 50) // Shipping in one month…
It was one of those moments when I received a message and some tunes from Russian vocalist couple of years back, expecting the worst English ever… Oh how I was wrong, this guy basically blew me away with the natural organic quality of his voice and we did this tune shortly afterward. Very happy it ended up on 7"
ZamZam Sounds , Tenor Youthman

3:18 in this mix

hyped for this one


ZamZam does it again!!

Such a consistently good label




Once again a big release from Egoless. Aside from maybe 1 remix or so his whole discog is instabag material. Glad i could cop the zamzam with the poster as well.