Egoless Appreciation

Dub Heritage / Dub Dedication : Lion Charge Records, LIONCHG011

up for pre-order on redeye:


Couple of nice big heavy steppers, probably won’t cop though as I’ve got loads of rootsy dubstep and it doesn’t stand out enough for me.

Dub Heritage is great imo, one of the best tunes on the Lion Charge catalogue

Those horn/vocal lines that creep in are summin else + the intro is killer

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I really like Dub Dedication too, proper dub

Really looking forward to ‘Like a Nuclear Bomb’ too, but looks like he removed it from his soundcloud :corncry:

Yeah big release

i just want croatia babylon, was like my fave dubstep tune for ages and hes even took it off youtube now so theres not even a clip anywhere, dnno why hes took it down coz its a banger, praying he will put it out for free or something :frowning:
but ye tunes in the OP are fire

Cheers everyone!

The vinyl can be now pre-ordered directly from the label:

There is also a 60 min cassette mixtape available if you like tapes:

Respect to all!



Mate, that Before/After EP is a fckin gem!

Like a Nuclear Bomb out soon :corndance:

and another new bit…

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2 weighty bangers on one :gunfinger:


A1. Like a Nuclear Bomb
B1. Super Echo
…vinyl forthcoming soon on Scrub A Dub records, a sub(bass:) label of Scotch Bonnet Records run by Mungo’s Hi Fi crew. Looking forward to this one! Stay tuned…

Like A Nuclear Bomb @47:00 in this mix

Super Echo @ 27:00 in this mix

SCRUB012 Like a Nuclear Bomb/Super Echo up for pre-order now…

IMO, while the A side will get the love I think Super Echo is the big one on here

Selected works just went up on Bandcamp, digital only

That Rasta Pon Top version at the start of his System Mix for Rinse is fire, nice to see someone reppin some Twinkle Brothers stuff too, would be sick if that got a release

Egoless has smashed it this year.

Yes! Egoless is the Don atm. Only brought weight and quality. Really in love with his recent releases!

Nuclear bomb goes off

All the man does goes off like a nuclear bomb. Maddest professor!

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clip up for short time… After months and months of learning how to
live with Tascam 388 8-track tape machine / mixer, after countless
trials and errors, it’s starting to sing for me properly. This is the
sound & character I wanted for more than a decade… The future is