Electronic Music Production for Beginners 1-4, the saga is complete!

The saga is complete! I recently finished the last class in my series “Electronic Music Production for Beginners” for Skillshare.com (Skillshare is a subscription based online learning community).

In this series I teach how to make a track, from inception to completion, including arrangement, mixing and mastering; all using free, open source software (LMMS). imo, LMMS is similar to FL Studio in how it works, so it might be a good way to try out music production before getting FL.

Although this class is intended for beginners, anyone interested in audio and music production will find some useful techniques they can apply to their own projects. So, please check out the classes and make some riddim :wink:

  1. Electronic Music Production for Beginners

  2. Electronic Music Production II: Track Arrangement

  3. Electronic Music Audio Mixing for Beginners part 1: (channels, frequency and equalization)

  4. Audio Mixing for Electronic Music part 2: Mastering