[Electronic] Second Woman - FACTmix 596 (4.2017)

Good range of styles here. Vibes.

Did not know Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv was involved in this.

Midnight dub techno excursions and fractured electronics from Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv.


Pole – ‘Taxi’
Resilent – ‘1.2’
Deadbeat – ‘Vampire’ (Dub)
Vladislav Delay – ‘Huone’
Captain Ganja and the Space Control – ‘Escape & Return’
Tolerance – ‘Pulse Stati’c (Tranquilla)
Monolake – ‘Abundance’
Charlie Cooper & Turk Dietrich – ‘Westbank’ [Unreleased]
Second Woman – ‘115 Abstract’ [Unreleased]
Drift & Greg Dalphond – ‘MFSB EASY’ [Unreleased]
RAC – ‘Continua…’
Drift – ‘Show & Tell’ [Unreleased]
Charlemagne Palestine – ‘Strumming Music’
Duane Pitre – ‘Studies for Motorized Guitar Music’ [Unreleased]
Newworldaquarium – ‘Daze’
Tim Perkins – ‘Manhunter’ [Unreleased]
Ultravox – ‘Mr. X’
Rrose – ‘Vellum’
Phoenecia – ‘Odd Job’ (Rhythm Box Version)
Objekt – ‘Ganzfeld’
Remote – ‘Protecting My Hive’
Charlie Cooper – ‘Track 10’ [Unreleased]
Sons of Magdalene – ‘Squeeze My Neck’ [Unreleased]
Anthony Rother – ‘Eyes’
Der Zyklus – ‘Elektronisches Zeitechno’
Tod Dockstader – ‘Flight’
Turk Dietrich – ‘Rittle’ [Unreleased]
N1L – ‘Jaget Och Maskerna’
Lanark Artefax – ‘Phasze’
Rian Treanor – ‘Pattern_A2’
M. Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar – ‘Good News For You’ (Rian Treanor edit]) [Unreleased]
Renick Bell – ‘The Well’
Second Woman – ‘////\\’ (Gábor Lázár Version)
Basic Rhythm – ‘E18’
Seekersinternational – ‘Channeltwo’ (snippet)
Hi$to – ‘Woodgrain Trippin’
MoonDoctoR & DJ Earl – ‘Aah’
Seekersinternational – ‘TellURudeBwoy’ (ft. wzdryAV)
Foul Play – ‘Being With You’ (Foul Play Remix)
Goldie – ‘Jah the Seventh Seal’
4hero – ‘Solar Emmisions’
Goldie – ‘Still Life’ (Photek Remix)
Biosphere – ‘Algae & Fungi’ (Part 1)
Valere – ‘Eightam’ [Unreleased]
Implex Grace – ‘Moonlight Slanting’ [Unreleased]
TCF – ‘7A04DEEC2CB64E80D22874C8D247D3DDBE6524A3’
Anon001 – ‘Anonymous’ [Unreleased]

thanks for the tip on these guys, never heard of them until this. the mixing is top notch but by the hour mark it had done enough for me. always good to hear dub techno b2b with proper dub, those unreleased electro bits are nasty.