Surprised this hasn’t had a thread yet.
Here’s an album I could drop the needle & work to
or put on the headphones & contemplate.
The Thom Yorke track is weakest,
maybe trying to give him something to do
rather than the way PJHarvey fully integrates his contributions.

Unless I misread that, you just called PJ Harvey a dude?

No “his” was reffering to Thom.
Might buy this, samples sounding nice!

Excuse my comprehension of poetry.

Hope you guys could check-out my work/s. Thanks appreciate it. Stay Dope!

Carousel is very accomplished…been doing this for awhile eh?
Disconcerting when the Madden voice comes in over the cute girl vocal.
but it helps the track’s intrigue.
Won’t comment on the remix cos dunno the original.