Embedding Soundcloud links

Using BBcode I can’t seem to embed soundcloud links on the new forum…
used to just do [soundcloud]insert link[/soundcloud]
but that doesn’t seem to work
any help?

just post the link

no need to embed any more

same for images and videos

But posting the link as is just turns it onto a hyperlink…whereas other posts have embedded youtube/soundcloud links in them…

you gotta make sure it’s like on it’s own line, ie not in the middle of some text;


then etc

otherwise might be a glitch which i wouldn’t be able to help with/maybe ur internets slow and it’s not loading? you checking the second box on the right where you can see ur finished post next to the one you type in?

Just worked out, it’s because it’s a set, whereas individual links work
Thanks for the help!

I’m having this problem as well just now. When I post a Soundcloud track link, it just shows the link, and doesn’t embed the player:

However, if I just paste my profile page and not a specific track, it works, but only shows the most recent track I uploaded:

EDIT: I’ve tried on my home computer, my work computer and my phone, so it’s not a specific device or connection that is causing the issue…

Maybe something to do with the _ in your name. Can’t embed anything from you either, but other sources work fine. Have you checked whether you’ve allowed embedding the tunes?

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Mate. Genius. It was the settings on the Soundcloud tracks. Dunno why I never clocked it, didn’t have this problem with my other two SC accounts, but ayee sorted now, nice one guv.