Epoch thread

Epoch is sharing ~190MB of unreleased material. Good ocassion to start a thread about him.

Source: Epoch’s FB

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this is still the bomb


Yeah Epoch is a don.

This is still the best “130” tune of that 2012-14 sound IMO


I cut that to vinyl, one ov my all time percys

Epoch is a don, can’t believe he hasn’t already got a thread tbh, love that ‘navarone’ I’ve been hearing in mixes lately, 1st track in this mix

been killing it forever

he had this old dub called jungle charge that I gotta see if I can find somewhere. hopefully it’s as good as I remember

big up epoch.

sorry to hear your hd crashed m8

All 4 of these new ones are ridiculous

This one is one of my favs, have it cut on vinyl. I thought it should be released on Innamind, but it never happened…

deep bass rattling your ribcage

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yea it is, i play it from time to time.

i think it was a freebie?

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@Scott_Ttocs pls blush & post selfies

Build my strength is better than most shit released in the past year, fuckin hell, str8 2 dubplate for me

Morning Dread on the flip for sure, absolute delay workout and dancefloor clearer, just my style :slight_smile:

One of the best examples of a truly sick modern dubstep set imo:

Epoch @ Reconstrvct

plenty of references back to the ‘golden age’ but jammed into modernity in fine style



big up you lot. sent premasters off for my next innamind plate so new muzak soon.

i was shook at reconstrvct. las played literally one of the best sets id ever heard immediately prior :hushed:


what a fucking don.

This was just released!..

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Ledge is a nice dance,
Dead Stylus a headbang.