Erin tunes

not really looking for style comments, just mixdown help, went back to the start on this one cos it was a mission to mix, so went to kick then started turning everything up to fit around it, -2db of headroom, think the drums are at right volume (guess the kick is more ‘felt’ than ‘heard’ but w/e) but still not sure it’s all gelling

thanks x

I think the mixdown sounds nice so far, maybe the bassline could be a bit more present.

Style is pretty experimental, I like it :>

thanks man really appreciate it, sent it to a couple mates and they said it was fine, and tested it on some other crapper headphones and was actually quite feeling it weirdly

here’s final version and more from the same sort of session

slowed down weird grime influenced shit

brownie points for whoever tells me show and episode of sample in last tune

my 1 concern here is that people might think this is hip hop which is not what i wanna be making at all : I

feedback v v welcome x

Left you a comment on Dontgochasingwaterfals8 on SC.

Basically, really like the synth work but it’s sitting far too deep in the mix for me and needs to be at the forefront. I’m not a fan of the drum samples and the snare especially is too loud. The beat itself, the kick pattern, sounds decent tho. The whole drum bus could do with touch of reverb or compression to glue it to the track, maybe even side-chain it to the synthline to intwine it. But I’d def look at sourcing some better samples, some old school analog drum machine samples would blend in well with what you’re going for.

Potentially I think there’s a TOP track in there, nice chords and progression. But atm to my ears it’s completely lost in the mix. Then again im working through a cheap as fuck speaker set-up so may just be that.

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thanks man, appreciate honest feedback

this ones a refix of one of these tunes, only element i kept is the twinkley sample

I feel like either the snare is too loud, or the synths and bass are too quiet in don’tgotchasingwaterfalls. That being said, I like the synth patch itself a lot! Maybe at certain points have some extra synths/samples thrown in to spice it up a little more.

That twinkly bit in Isis is ill too. Actually vibes a bit like Pessimism by James Blake.

cheers, i mixed the snare intentionally quite loud, wanted a bit of an ear drum popper, (bit tired of new grime tunes with sick synths and shite drums) but yeah tried it today on new krks and it sounds flabby and shit, will probably overhaul the drums at some point when i can face the tune again

not final mixdown, is structure aite- a few bits that don’t seem to fit into standard 4.4 bars

new bits

liking that second tune

what you produce on?

just an old akai and a xylophone

but in reality ableton 9

nice length bruv

oh shit lool

gonna try and do that every tune from now on

I am named Erin.

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what are the odds! quality name fam!

Then your production name should logically be Robert.