This guy has some big tunes and it still pisses me of that I missed Flight VIP

and ups & downs vip what the hell. i remember hearing that one in the shows for a while and then the release snuck under the radar. you had to order straight from elk beats right?

Yeah and it was like £20 for shipping. Coulnt really drop £35 on a single record

EshOne got some mad productions! But I never really had the chance to bag a release.
Would love to see those records on Redeye, RwdFwd, Boomkat or something similar.

Some free EshOne beats here from last Christmas:

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Shipping to where? Just looked back through my email receipts and I paid 28 USD for ELK WAX 001 including shipping to UK

ah ok that sounds more like it, £20 for an ep was abit much. Im not even keen on the new El mahdy bit cos it costs so bloody much

28$ wtf

18 quid including shipping to UK. Not too bad imo…you end up paying 11 quid for a ‘normal’ 12" shipping from the UK anyway

that was expensive, took like 4 months to come as well lol

still looks good, tunes bang, and resale values through the roof woop woop