Eva 808 appreciation

Ah well fuck my eyesight then. Anyways this is neither here no there when it comes to tunes tbh

that Mirane tune is pretty big too. Came out on encrypted audio vinyl awhile back.

I rinse 2CI like every set I do haha, defo gonna play it on the 6th!

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Been playing a few of her dubs over the past year or so (Rainy Mood and Cutter). Rainy Mood in particular always gets a good reaction. Super sick producer

good shit

Big tunes, want that 2CI tune. So big

Is there more tunes outside of Soundcloud? or ones ive missed cos they are hosted elsewhere?

she have a release at Encrypted Audio, and another one on Indigo Movement,
plus a vinyl release also on Encrypted

Well dropped her a mail about coming over next year, will see what happens I guess

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Probably not to everyone’s taste, but I enjoyed this quite a lot. Dreamy vibes. She could actually make a killing with some vocalists.

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Also, just clocked, we got two threads dedicated to her haha.
Do @moderators still have merge powers?

all done mate

my bad, but probably couldn’t find the original cos @Johnlenham put spaces between the letters of his thread title?

That’s odd, I don’t remember doing that haah

actually is it totally my bad and nothing to do with the spaces cos I just searched again and your thread comes up :badteeth:


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she’s killing it. needs more releases. lots more.


Eva 808: Preorder my next vinyl release on White Peach Records here:

I really hope 2CI/Cutter is going to be on Crucial. Would be an early contender for release of the year.


2CI backed with anything would be plate of the year for me haha